Sunday, August 3, 2008

Time to take Maxwell's silver hammer

I can do anything... I think

I'm writing a certification paper.. not because I really want to, but its a final requirement to a designation I want.. yet loath and hate. And its due a month earlier than I thought which is at the worst possible moment for me, given a bunch of crappy work deadline stuff to boot.

OKAY..I want this uniform...for so many reasons

Been 6 years since I have been in such a flurry of academic writing, brain refusing to shut down (its almost 2 am, and so way past my bedtime) AND nothing getting done around the house.

Oh well... only 3 weeks of agony... BUT work of course also intercedes .... a bunch of work its Business Planning Season and from a business perspective, I've expanded 100 % this year and hoping to add another 100% to my cadre, and the environmental annex I have to supervise *barf* !!!

And I have things to put into place to help Fidel off to his next assignment (i.e. what I have to do get organized here so I can travel with him for for 3 weeks :D).

Thought of Maxwell's Silver Hammer.... but that wont get done what I have to get done.... but maybe.. STOP... naw.. too easy

So all of a sudden I'm thinking *Shit*.... where was I taking this post " I hate getting old and tired and this pseudo manopause thing happening.....

Now I remembered....Its to Speedy's post.. saw it this morning...... made me smile:) .. I'll call it my visual/verbal yoga.... listen to this and all cares will melt away

Daddy's home

Rat Pack has nothing on you.... lets start another and I can be the torch singer.

OBTW Speedy... wont get to the LGA here * damn !!!* all sorts of unexpected stuff.. tho still trying to brain storm on how to meet my cousin.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

You got it! I do have plans for another song ... so maybe we can use your studio.

Howwww OOOOOOOO!!!!!

ps ... I LOVE the Rat Pack, old swing tunes, and esp. the classic Vegas shows from the past.

I had a nap today, so I am in full action blogging gear.


MedStudentWife said...

Speedy - my current studio is under renos... so have been using the shower - great accoustics !!!

.... we could probably fit in a couple more people.

Which of the Rat Pack Nouvelle would you be ?

I think I'd have to do a Julie London thing.. but not sure yet.....

And I'm with ya.. Vegas would be a hoot. Can we bring Marty.... he could do a Do Marty Ho thing....