Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guess What Today Is ?

Its Drowsey Monkey's 1st blogging anniversary !!!

Only her first ? Sh**** , she's got more blog going than those who have been blogging since blogging was born.

I'm still not convinced that Drowsey didn't invent blogging just..... to be Drowsey.... to "blah, blah, blah" ( or is that "wha wha wha"like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoons) her darling self into our lives .

Any ways, girl... luv ya and all you do. My day isn't complete if I don't read your blog .

You've done great things for me:
  • Introduced me to Olga and Crusty and through Crusty I met Speedy, and so on.
  • You directed both Fidel and I towards KIVA and we now feel like we are helping a little bit of this world.
  • You make me laugh and sometimes cry as you tell us about your world and how you see the bigger picture.
  • And all those kwel gadgets and quizzes and..... you find the derndest things out there kiddo.

So sweetie... I look forward to many more years of you telling us about you and STUFF.

Happy 1st year, Drowsey :D

OBTW.... I made you this cake, but Fidel ate a piece of it.....
....Poor starving medstudents who fixate on real food...

I also asked one of those hunky guys I hired to find Olga, to show up and give you a snoggy bloggersery kiss, but he was busy so sent this instead.

This is what he looks like under his evil looking silver suit

HUGS Drowsey !!!


Drowsey Monkey said...

OMG! lol cake & a hairy dude! What more could I ask for??? Nothing.


Thanks so much sweetie! This has been quite a surprise for me :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Woo-Hoo!!! I'll have some of that too!

Jeff said...

Isn't Drowsey just the sweetest thing? Nice post! Although I could live w/out the furry guy ;-)

Babs (Beetle) said...

Now, Which will Drowsey like the most...the hairy man or the cake?

Lauren said...

I think she's going for the cake. Weight Watchers has deprived her long enough. Hairy men abound but good cake is rare!

Claire said...

I think drowsey would cover hairy dude in cake :)

Lovely post :)

MedStudentWife said...

Lauren.. specially as it has a bacon filling

Drowsey pleasure :D.. just so happy to have you around. I promise Olga wont be abused or sunburnt when you get her :). Just hope we filled your day with some sunshine like you fill ours

I get dips on Foster before Olga

I hope the surprise made you happy :D..wish I that a camera was there, taking photosof you expressions as blogs rolled in....

Hey there Jeff... its a girl thing sorry, but I agree... she is the sweetest :)

Claire..I agree !!!!! I'd love to be the one doing it :0.. maybe Drowsey has some cake left and we can..... pipe dreams darling.. but I'm putting in 1st dibs even tho this was a UK production

Babs - bet she is flipping the coin on this one

Olga - you'll have to ask Drowsey really nicely if she will share

Olga & Drowsey.. photoshop idea... a pict of this sexy Foster pict with a Speedy and Marty moment...

hmmm Marty can be the wooly chest

Okay- I'm tired... been working 12 hours on a paper I though was due end of Sept, not 3 weeks from now.. muwwwhaaaah...gigggleee...tehehehee....

I'm sounding like DP

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Fidel sure takes a big hunk of cake ... I do too

Drowsey??? She is a sweetheart.

That hairy fella?? Blechthhh

Speedcat Hollydale said...

photoshop ??? ha haaa!! Just saw that :-)