Friday, April 25, 2008

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Note~ Olga, I will be posting news on the "traveling deep fryer" soon.

In answer to a question asked by Steve
"Soooooo.. did they call?"

Not yet !!!! (expletive erased)

Wednesday was suppose to be the "day"

"Dear - did they commit to giving an answer on a Wednesday in this century?"

Thursday morning Fidel sent the school an e-mail asking for an answer and stated that he had been promised by the interviewers that there would be an answer by the Wednesday.

"Dear - did they commit to giving an answer on a Wednesday in this century?"

This school (so far nameless) has been giving him various "run arounds" from day one. Comments such as "we never got the transcripts", although he's sent at least 3 sets at this point, and etcetera should have been indicative to potential problems.

Their reply Thursday to his e-mail focused myself towards a retrospective view (hind sight is 20:20) to the above. Their attitude in all of this and Thursday's answer was " don't call us, we'll call you".

gawd - their semester starts 5 May.....

As if med students are all cut from the same cloth and don't have other lives. Hmmm... get with 2008, folks, and the doctor shortage thingme, and, and, and..... Guess these schools still think they still have "droit de liege" privileges.

Lets say that other options are being tried right now... 11 th hour attempts, which may bear fruit soon - another school that could potentially have a better location, better 5th semester options, and better rotations. And they start 12 May.

I keep trying to believe in some things are meant for a reason.

So here is my vent. The video I was going to post was a tad to graphical in its cartoon way; I don't want to paint things in too much of a sinister light. This video is intended to make fun on a situation that is sub-optimal at the moment ( yikes - I'm speaking work jargon).


It has Steve Martin AND the BeeGees

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