Sunday, August 3, 2008


After hearing Speedy and Mardy sing, I think there is hope towards reviving the RAT PACK.

He seems interested. We both think they are way kwel...

So Speedy is in. I think we need Mardy to provide the Don Marty Ho element.... which is always a great feature at a Vegas show.

Myself...I always wanted to be a torch singer... so maybe I'll do a Julie London thing...


So now to find other Nouvel RAT PACKERs so we can start recording in my shower.....

Maybe the Winterpeg Shower Studio versus the dumpy Paradise Shower Studio, would be better,

but I don't think my job will have me traveling there soon.

So we'll have to settle for my home studio.. at least catering is provided.

Applications are now being accepted.

Hey Speedy.. how are we going to do this ? I can get into a corset, but what will you guys wear. And what about booze and cigarettes ? And singing ?

Folks....just apply... and we'll figure it out *grin* or it will die like so many of my hair brained ideas ( Call me Lucy Ricardo - which isn't far from my real name).

Bet you didn't think I'd take it to this level, Speeedy... if ya don't reach,you never know...*lol*

Maybe Mardy can be our business manager too.

But I want to see him sing "TinyBubbles"


Dr.John said...

I would apply but I'm the only Pastor ever asked by the choir director not to sing in the choir.

MedStudentWife said...

hmmmmm, Dr. John... we may still need a manager( if Mardy doesnt take it), a PR person,or something.

Your name is on the Nouvelle RAT PACK list as part of the over all management... :)