Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fidel Loves LaLa also known as the Trip to Sint Maarten

Good thing he does love me because otherwise I think he'd go crazy with the bits of craziness I inject into his life. Not every day, but when I do, its nuts.

I suppose I'm glad that he hadn't totally figured me out until all the papers were signed and we cut the cake.

(But if you look at some of the wedding pictures - there I am making my crazy faces... the signs were there...he just missed them)

So I am off to Sint Maartin in about 2 weeks, to spend 3 weeks (not all the time there, mind you) with my love who I haven't seen for 4 months.

Ahhhh... a romantic interlude.

HEHEHEE... I'm bringing company, honey !!!

If they are able to get their "flights" and connections to be here in Paradise in enough time for me to bring them with me.

And no, its not the in-laws.

Yup, we'll be having 2 visitors with us.....

Olga the Traveling Bra and Zippy, the Traveling Lobster

And I know you won't mind, my litttle sweet 'ums.
It'll be FUN !!!
And no bother.
And we can lose them for a few hours to get some "private time", when we need it.

Olga's a big girl and can be creative as to what trouble she can get into and Zippy has seen enough of the world at this point that I think he'll be okay on his own for extended periods of time ( maybe Beau Beau's needs some help at lunch or dinner.. not as a main course, but as a bus- lobster or waiter)

So a little reminder of how much you love my craziness.... I found this, my darling


Fidel said...


Lala still hasn't figured it out - I got the better end of the deal...by FAR!

And welcome to our supportive and crustacean companions!

Dr.John said...

I hope the reunion is all you want it to be.
Everybody should have somebody in their life that makes life suprising.

RennyBA said...

Sounds just like Paradise to me too - and with love and care - have a great trip and a wonderful stay!

Btw: Don't worn our Olga - I can hardly wait to lay my hands on her in October you know :-)

MedStudentWife said...

Dr.John...thanks for your words:) I know I make Fidel's life a bit surprising at time.. but all in a good way :D

Renny - Thank you :) Its all going to be good. Fidel and I have been going through this 3 years now- its hard, but it makes the times together sweeter

My goal with Olga has changed a bit- its to get her rested after all of her past adventures the past month or so. So hopefully she'll be "one relaxed bra" by the time she comes and visits you :)..

AND YOU BE NICE TO HER. She's had only 2 male chaperons & look at what hey did to her..... be nice to her please :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

olga & zippy? LOL These guys have a better travel life than I do! I guess their travel expenses are cheaper tho.

I have something for you on my blog today :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

ooops, your link for zippy doesn't work.