Saturday, April 11, 2009

Anatomy of a Bra

Here at La Maison Bunny Mommy, we have decided to show you the steps taken to construct the most coveted item of corset work in the world... Miss Olga's fur liners.

Years of experience have given Mrs. Lala, our senior corsetiere, the skills to cut, sew and finish such an exquisite piece of custom art.

(for it is truly is an art if it is going to adorn Miss Olga)

First we had to draft a pattern. To do that we needed to take Miss Olga's measurements. For the purposes of this post (and propriety) we used a stand-in bra.

Once done, the draft was created.

Next, a muslin shell was created using both the pattern and some modeling directly on Olga (need to get it just right !), to ensure that the final pattern would indeed create a masterpiece that would capture Miss Olga's unique curves

Here at MBM, we strive to be environmetally sustainanable. We believe in the one mile diet philosophy, hence the furs we use are 100% Darwinian.

Lucky for us, Mountie Stan found us a beautiful pelt, from a buffalo that had met its timely demise from falling off the living room chair.

Just the right shade and texture for the future liner.

Pattern done and pelt prepared, we're ready to cut. Miss Olga was just sooo excitred about her new garment that she begged us to help. We were more than happy to let our dear customer do so...
And the final product is...

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