Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oot 'n aboot

It was quite pleasant out the other day, so we took Olga out for a strole around Parliment Hill.

Little did we know...

"Ooooooh looooook ! A good old fashion Canadian parade.

Yippeee - I just love parades !

And lookeee ... men in skirts.
Canadian men must be tuff because they wear skirts even when its freezing cold out out.... LIKE TODAY !!!

How come Fidel doesn't wear a skirt ?"

Turns out it was Tartan Day, as celebrated by North American Scots.

In my pure evilness to Olga and Fidel, and to get true Medstudentwife "sens-a-round" recording fidelity, we stood right behind the "dead-cat" playing corp.

(they weren't actually out of tune- the video camera doesn't have great recording)

"I wanna be Scottish"

"Okay Olga - I know a Scottish pub we can go to ... get ya' a brew and plan how to make you Scottish"

A couple of pints later Olga go bragh came up with the Clan Olga tartans

(both hunting and dress)

and the Clan's motto ~ Suscipio per superbia ~


Fidel said...

Ah, lassie....

I dinna wear a kilt, have you ever priced one? And the rest of the rig? A sporran?

Ach, it breaks m' heart, it does

MedStudentWife said...

Ack - tis to bad Fidel - you do have manly legs to show off.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Dead cat? LOL I think you can be kicked outta the country for that!


I can only imagine you there with Olga ... taking photos & video! LOL!!