Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Day with Two Guys, a Horse and a Dog

Isn't there a song or something to this effect ?

The alarm rang this morning and as I started to come to some sort of another work day level of consciousness, all I could hear was barking and whinnying and some loud guys talking, in the living room. As I woke up more, I remembered my guests. But why the ruckus so early in the morning ?

So I put something on and stomped out into the living room....

*clearing throat*

"What in the world is this rumpus. I'm only just up and all this noise ?"
(a lot more expletive words were used)

"We're ready to go to work, why aren't you ?"

"Cause its 6 am and this is my normal wake up time. And what the h**** is in that bag & why the bus ticket? "

"Well we made a lunch for today and figuring that we have to take the bus to work, we'd bring a bus ticket."

"Lunch 'eh.... guess that accounts for all those funny fridge noises I kept hearing last night while I was typing about hearing funny fridge noises."

"And why pack a lunch ?"

Stan said "Be prepared."

So curious as I was as to what a Mountie and a Greek detective would consider a "lunch" I did an inspection to see what they had packed... nuts, grapes and 2 limes.


"Lunch is on me, so we're ditching the lunch bag !!"

"And the bus ticket - one for the lot of you wont be enough. Nice thought tho'. Actually, you're traveling in style under my bus pass, in my satchel."

So they waited patiently and we finally made it out the door.

On my way in to work, I took the bus route I like to take when the weather is good, which means I end up walking a path close to Lac Lemay & the casino.

At a point, and it was at an exact point, I heard clearly through the satchel and all the protective carrying cases -


Which after living with a man I definitely understood as -


Definitely a "guy" thing.
So I ignored them and continued on my way to work. I can be very heartless and cruel at times.

Unfortunately the day did not go as planned. I had hoped to show them all more of the place and taken more pictures, but events which I had hoped would have evolved way before today only started doing so today, my last day in almost three weeks. But you know what what you have to do, so I needed to generate some events, so nothing would stagnate while I was away.

SoI left everyone pretty much to their own devices. But I got a couple "candid camera pictures"

Here's a picture of everyone looking at a "setting on my desk". I'm sure the fellows were wondering what a chicken is doing on a tractor with an ammonia tank in tow, while Fang was looking at the chicken and going "DINNER !!!"

Then at one point I found Dimi balancing up on one of the pictures I have on a wall in my cube. Given his height and the height of the picture - I yelled at him -

"Get down NOW !!!! You are too high and have no fall arrest protection !!! Just what I need.... have an international guest have an accident here, at work !!!!"

So for a break, litterally, I took them to my co-worker & friend's cube to show them a broken board. When I told them the story that she is like a zillion level black belt & she broke this with a kick after dropping it with her eyes closed, they were impressed !! I call it "protection".

So that was the work day.... they hung around very quiet while I put the office "to bed" for the next couple of weeks.

But wait..... when we got home.... CHORE ASSIGNMENT!!!!

Muuuuwhahahhahahaha !!!!!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh boy....what have we done now!?!? HAHAHAHA! Looks to me like you and The Gang will be very happy and busy together! Looking forward to MORE!

Drowsey Monkey said...

LOL ... I'm so not sure of you 2!!!