Friday, January 11, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Stayed in Bed

Picture taken from a tunnel mural at Carleton University.. .

Gist is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Alive".. as they are walking away from ground zero. The murals in the tunnelS are usually painted by the various student associations.I have no idea what this association is. This is not a good picture as I took it with my cell, but in my warped brain .. it is rather funny.

I should have stayed in bed - in particular from the point I hit the thresh hold at home last night. Well maybe not. I think I am learning more , as I grow "wiser" (roflmao) that I have deferent thresholds for certain things and I am still surprised at what makes me gnash my teeth and what I an really complacent about.

However, the past 24 hours has totally conspired to bugger my best laid plans.

School started today and as it was originally designed, I had a minor follow up at the doc at the same time. So a few weeks ago I was able to change the doc appt. time to later in the day. It all worked out, so I booked the day off - get school started and the appt. done.

So last night, being my "Friday", I was looking forward to going with Fidel to see Macbeth at the theatre.

(thank goodness we didn't buy the tickets)

I got home all happy.. went to the closet to hang up some work clothes and BANG.... the entire hanging thingy along with 30 million pounds of my stuff ( versus the 2 pounds of Fidel's stuff) was on the floor.. no hope in getting that sucker back up on our own in 10 minutes (engineer Fidel did try, but the rod was way to broken).

Being a bit anal about some things, I couldn't just leave the mess alone; no peace at the theatre would I have had, thinking about what I was going to return to, and I didn't want to deal with it when we got home at midnight, & definitely not in the morning as I had to run off to school (earlier than going to work*bleck*.. like up at 5:30).

So we missed the play & I really was mean to Fidel (BARK BARK BARK). At least he did good.... offered to help; I snarled back & then he stayed out of my way as I stomped around, and then I took an hour to cool down. After that we had a lovely dinner at a local Korean cafe. He is so good about my moods !!!! God love him - any other fellow would have knifed me by now. (When I get in my mood(s) I sound like my Mother !!! AAAHHHAGGG!!!!)

School started this morning and with it I walked into freezing rain weather. I had a feeling that class was going to be a " no go" for what ever reason. Gawd... I still fail to listen to my inner voices - yet I went.

I managed to make it to school (it wasn't that bad). Neat thing was, that I ended up chatting with a girl that was in my last class last semester, for 30 minutes :) -a nice young lady. Bad thing, we were comparing notes about program admission/requirements and she's not too happy now.

Left home at 7:15.... and at 9:00 ( got to school at 8:00) got the word ( as we were ALL standing around picking our noses) that there wasn't going to be a class cause the prof. fell and was in some health care place. Hopefully class next week. If not, I want my $$$ back.

So I stayed at the university for 2 hours to read work related stuff and spent $100 at the Campus Book Store.

While waiting for the bus home, I got a call from the hubs saying that the doc canceled my appointment because of a meeting. WTF- aren't they suppose to schedule these after clinic hours. Crap... more of my time wasted.

What am I saying here? I took a day off , booked to do "purposefully" things and at the end of the day, in crappy weather, it was all null point. But ya know... none of this bothered me as much as the clothes closet issue the night before.

I think I know why & I am none too proud about it. It something I have to work on.

But at the end of it all - though the best laid plans were defeated, good stuff did happen:

  • Spent a good part of the day with Fidel - and we talked about stuff
  • I had a great chat with a class mate
  • I got reading done for work
  • I bought some cool stuff at the University Book Store
  • The closet rod was replaces with a super duper one ( and I told the apartment repair guy that I promise not to swing from it this time)
  • I got some knitting done
  • I cooked a great dinner on a Friday for a change (we usually eat out Fridays)... Cuban meat balls
  • Planned the great "blue cheese, chocolate & port" event tomorrow ("Saveur" is now my "bestest" food magazine)
  • In going to school today, I managed to see advertised the "Sexaplooza" event next weekend (which I might not have seen otherwise.. .and I know some of the community) So something for us to do do and maybe meet some old friends... or at least pick up some "fun stuff".
  • Got to think about why I get upset about certain things
  • Looked seriously at maybe buying a rose bush from the "Vesey Seeds" catalogue I got today, to see if it will grow in doors
  • Maybe will have Fidel come to yoga with me over the next 2 months
  • Won some free numbers for tonights 649

On a note : I don't normally do funeral things and stuff, but there is someone at work, who for no reason at all, is really special to me. He has and is having a hard time and his wife's cancer wasn't making anything easy. She passed away 30 Dec 2007 and today was the funeral. I couldn't make it.

Wilnard - I can't express my thoughts, but you know I am there for you - in whatever way I am capable of helping you.

He has a tuff haul to come, over and above losing his love.


CresceNet said...

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kellypea said...

I've happened by here a couple of times -- I think I found you on Robert's (Canadian Redneck) blogroll. I couldn't resist commenting...

Enjoyed your post quite a bit. Let the clothes stay in a pile on the floor of your closet. Life's too short to get worked up over those kinds of things -- especially if it means giving up some time out (I know from hundreds of my own times doing the very same thing).

And I love Saveur too. It's one of the very best food mags out there.

I love the list of what you found positive about your experiences. I do this, too. It keeps me from having to bang my head against the wall. :)

MedStudentWife said...

Crescenet & KellyPea.. Welcome :D and please feel free to comment anytime. I'm not always good about responding to comments, but I read them all & truly appreciate the time that is spent to tell me you thoughts.

Kelly Pea - you are so right about leaving the clothes. It happened again this weekend ( after they "fixed" the pole) and I was fit to be tied.

But after, I got to think about your words... you have given me thoughts to think about and maybe change the way I look at certain situations.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

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