Sunday, January 13, 2008

Washing Day

Sundays are typically my laundry day. Why ? I suppose it has to do with the fact that since I have left home, Saturday was the "whatever" day, so Sunday was the day to to any house work.

I hate laundry, especially since that I have also only lived in apartments since I left home. Out of the zillion years since, there have only been a few years where I had any washing machine in the unit proper ( and it still wasn't a great "deal").

Being a logistician at heart and very careful about how I clean my clothes (ANAL !!!!!!) , I probably have made laundry a monster it shouldn't be.

So back to Sundays being my cleaning day.

For reaons, so that I dont have to prance around waiting for machines . i.e. washers and dryers (I wait til I have massive loads to do - value added for the dollars laundry suck dry), this means, that for years I have been getting up at the crack of dawn on Sundays to do laundry.

Man.. I would so love my own laundry machine and a clothes line !!!!!!

(Please let me own a home someday so I can do laundry at my leasure with a room that looks like this)

Any whoooo... guess the chemist and other brainiack part of me has always made me a bit suspicious of laundry detergents. I remember as a kid in the 70's the first big"broooohaha" about laundry soap and phosphates.

Today, combined with my knowledge about a lot of things, and a study of a life style Fidel and I MAY move to one day and come to adopt ( although the practice in between doesn't hurt the earth), I researched "green" laundry soaps.

So here I am.... lots of stuff in the intervening 30 years *lol*

Today I used my first ever home made clothes washing soap. And ?

Way kwel !!!!!!!

The clothes were clean and I didn't have to use my normal fabric softener

( I don't do fabric softener sheets ( I hate them) ~I do "Downey" liquid(or what ever))

and everything came out even softer.

Cottons turned out wonderfully (the best) !!! No scent ( no artificial smells... so good for people with scent allergies)..... just clean clothes.

Still not sure of the chemistry of the ingredients, I have a fail safe detergent for my silks and fine wools; believe it or not, laundry is all chemistry !!!

This is the first laundry with my concoction and not being a die heart "green" person, if I have to bleach or 'oxy' "clean" and maybe add the odd detergent to deal with whitening and stain issues - graying may be an issue with this new "stuff", but yet to see. But all in all, I am really truly impressed.

The weirdest thing is that the "detergent" doesn't suds.. which after the fact is okay because suds & not getting them rinsed out is what leaves that "white" residue on clothes.

Anyways.. anything that will make my laundry "fun" is a hit with me. The chemistry just fascinates me. Fidel and I were talking about "bluing" agents tonight.

Soo what I am getting about ? I hate laundry and this is the most fun I have had in 20 years...

I'm having fun and playing with chemistry that is leaving everything, so far clean and great "non"scented smelling.

If you want the recipe, lemme know.

If anyone has the theory behind "old time" cleaning agents, send them this way :)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if I had a laundry room like that my socks wouldn't get lost......:):):)

MedStudentWife said...

nawww.. I don't think so. I still believe that the machines are some alien life that has to eat certain items every now & then to survive this world.. like undies and socks. They like black socks the best :0