Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Job - Hair Guru ?

I'm trying to find the words...... Champion- yeah, that's it.

The picture of Kate is because of a comment this week (i.e. how I wear my hair)

Yes, now that I have again grown my hair after many moons...

The picture in the last blog is 6 years old... my last long hair adventure ended up into an attempt at an Amelie look ~ stupid me, given my curly hair, it looked good the 12 hours away from the chair - then poooooof!!!!! Good thing I do not have the ID picture taken shortly after the this. Witchie Poo looked so much better.

And I talked to my hair "stylist" about this (dye) a bit ago, more out of curiosity because I think I had my mind made up then about the pros & cons of dying my hair.

(like I have been greying since 15, and that my grey is a colour I actually like-we call it my hi lites, and I am really comfortable with this this hair aging process (not the WHOLE aging process)

Given my personality, guess all to say that I am comfortable in my own hair, including the curls that infuriated me in my teens & early 20's, such as not behaving for the mini 70's Farrah flips .

So where is this going ?

I am a magnet for complete strangers talking to me, especially as I stand waiting for a bus. I actually don't mind. I usually have great conversations, learn more about other people and then that's it - they board their bus and are gone.

SITUATION: I have long hair held up in a messy updo ( see Kate above) - no product and my hair is its own messy grey color which is my norm day to day *lol* And so why would anyone want to talk to me about my hair ? I am confused, but.....

Twice in the past 3 weeks - 3 friggin weeks - I have had 2 separate conversations in 2 distinctly different spots, about the same subject... 2 different women at least 10 years older than me... chewing the cud about....

My hair, or how I have given them incentive to:

" I always wore my hair long, but cut it when I got older, but I've been thinking........ You have inspired me...."

And then the discussions about the evil of dying, to which I added fuel about allergies & stuff (evil grin), and by the time they left, "Revlon" isn't going to get their business.

And so on!!

And all I wanted to do was wait for a bus in peace.

So y'all... this is how I spend time at bus stops, some times 30 minutes at a time.

Should I charge consulting fees?

I am confused... am I now a spoke person for a "new hair way" ?

Reference about Kate? Last lady ( and now I look at the picts - never thought of it) liked the way I wear my hair... reminded her of Kate and when she grows her hair is longer, is going to wear it the same way as it will "detract from her wrinkles and looks nice".


Fidel said...

I like your hair the way it is!

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Leslie's site. I had hippie hair once!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I Like Hair In A Bun!

mrsnesbitt said...

LOL! I have my hair in pigtails right now...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Variety being the spice of life you can enjoy long hair till you're bored, then cut it a bit, then a lot, then grow it again.

I like you latest style.

Anonymous said...

Variety being the spice of life you can enjoy long hair till you're bored, then cut it a bit, then a lot, then grow it again.

I like you latest style.

Rachelle said...

LOL, I'm always going through the hair crisis. You would think I would be SO over all that at my age.
Currently, as I like to say, I am 'between' hairstyles...
Which means- too short to put up, too long to style!!

I think whatever worked for Kate is good enough for anyone...
Hmmm.... have you inspired me??
*wicked grin*

Ps- came here through David and yes, you should charge a fee :))

Dr.John said...

Go ahead and charge. Or when you finish talking to them ask for their address so you can send a bill.
My hair has a natural curl which I hate. I got the wrong genes. My sister has straight hair she should have gotten my genes.

MedStudentWife said...

Thank you all for your comments & welcome to the new readers.

Thank you David for putting me up as one of your posts of the week :D !!

Who would have though that hair would be such a great conversation piece... but then and again, there was a musical.......