Friday, August 15, 2008

Olga the Bra, Mounties, and Coast Guards

What a crazy life she lives.... exciting and perilous all at once. Good thing she has good friends

as we've been called to rescue/searches for I don't know how many times lately.

Anyways, she back in NA and with our friend Fracas and is likely going to do some therapy while there. She's had a few adventures lately that have left her lace a but frazzled and her under wire a bit skewed. The rehab will take a bit of time, thus I'll miss her presence in my up coming trip.

But Olga - your health comes first.... we'll visit in the winter. And THEN *muuwhahahahaha* I can get a proper fitting for those fur liners I've been promising you for almost a year now.

However, her Bra Mistress and myself, being the proactive kinda gals we are, are launching a pilot project called "PROTECT OLGA" ( no the letters don't each mean anything - it says what is says - frontwards and backwards).

So Dimitrios, the Greek Detective, is ( I hope... I think he was mailed or something today) coming with me on my travel adventure, starting this time (almost) next week. The idea is that he will pre-survey the risk potential for Olga's visit to Paradise and if the project works well, it may be a part of Olga's visits to her other friends' places.

(or maybe not)

(and I think he wants a holiday. heck... who wouldn't... I need one myself. Those tights must get itchy)

Fidel suggested that we make this an international operation, so I am trying to recruit a Mountie for this. If it works, he may be permanenetly assigned to Olga as a booby guard for her future visits, or work with Dimitrios as a risk analyst.

OMG.. just a thought.. my poor Barbie.. she hasn't seen a man her size in over 30 years !!!

She never liked Ken - he wasn't smart enough for her. G.I. Joe was okay for the odd bit of fun, but overall a bit brutish.

And now maybe two men, her own size (Dimitrios and if I can find the "right" Mountie) !!!!

Barbie sweetie - time to hand rinse your fine lingerie.... you have company a'comin'

Back to Julie London's song ~ "Hey Little Girl"

Maybe I'll bring her with us. Maybe not. Hard to decide how much of this is operational for "Dimi", and how much is holidays.

PS: Fidel and I have been having an e-mail exchange about the origin of the Mountie picture in this post..... lets just say its not Canadian propaganda.

I found this YouTube of a series I loved and I think he's seen it and loves it too. And the song is based on a song that is now a Fidel favorite, by a Canadian artist (he and Garnet are favs of mine) who's works I introduced him to, - Stan Rogers.

There are neat things about 2 of the actors in the series, but I will only relate one.

Gordon Pinsent plays a character, and in actual fact, his brother was in the RCMP about the same time my Dad was. I don't think they trained together, I think the brother was a "flight" ahead of him. Anyways Dad and the brother knew each other.

The brother paints and took to it seriously when he left the forces ( as we call the RCMP, besides the CF). He had a show in Paradise almost 30 years ago... and we now own 2 of his painting (not me, but either Mom or Dad has them now - they had better have them... if not I'll take them and put them up- they were nice !!!!)

So Fidel, in keeping with your notion of the RCMP, enjoy
"Due South"

PPS: I spent a spent a summer working in Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit) for the CC when I was 18. What a joy & experience. Fidel's comment and the video brings it all back.Would love to go back - but ya'all know the fond memory and going back to revisit thing


Dr.John said...

That Bra needs all the protection and help it can get. I think you should get it into a program for disturbed bras.

MedStudentWife said...

I agree :) but I am having difficulty locating bra specific services

Also recheck the post - I may have added on some fun stuff since you visited :D

Fidel said...

Oh, sweetie:

You know that NOBODY can sing Northwest Passage right but St. Stan:

Anyone else singing it (including me) is sacrilegious! Just compare the lack of passion in that fake mounties version, compared to the original!!!

Damg...almost enough to make me want to become a permanent kanukistani. Almost. What a voice. What a talent. He can even get me to say good things about CBC...What a shame he died...

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I was trying to play your videos here in a small internet outlet in Bali and was wondering why there was no speakers. I 'm sure I would have enjoyed Stan Rogers.

MedStudentWife said...

LGS... rub it in *lol*

You'll just have to revisit this post when you get back to the "real world"

Aren't you on holidays.. so why are you blogging ?

I expect a post card *rolmao*

Speedcat Hollydale said...

wooo hoo! A video fest here. I am listening to Julie London right now ... she is so sultry. If she whispered in my ear - "I would just pass out"

That Olga is a supertraveling corndog sending wildcat. Always in trouble!!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

You can expect your little Greek to arrive Tuesday via FedEx! :) Any luck finding some pasties?

MedStudentWife said...

Speedy - you and Fidel too..... Man, I have such an image to live up too. *sheesh*

Glad you have a chance to relax :) and eat b-blasting burritos and corndogs sent with love.

Tell ya what - my contribution will be some TUMS.

Olga...wooohoooo.... found the pasties, but going to leave them home.. they aint the beach wearing pasties type.

Have yo a date for him to come home ? I'd like him to spend some time here in Paradise once we get back, to visit a bit... and scope the place out, ya know.

Told Barbie she's got company coming.... I've never seen a 40 year old move so fast....