Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Update on Dimitrios

Dimitrios finally made it to Paradise.

And so did the resources that the RCMP has given us for this next bit of work that "Dimi" is doing.

Staff-Seargeant (S/Sgt) Stan (one of the finest), his mighty steed Brownie, and a dog from the K-9 unit, Fang, have also arrived today.

No pictures or much more as we're all tired... the boys from their travels ...

(and who I think just went to bed after talking for a long time, getting to know each other... thank goodness no campfire in the living room - I had no marshmallows)

... and me , now that DANG paper is done as well as everything else going on these days.

I told the boys I'm going to try to take them to work tomorrow, for a visit - my last day before holidays, don't ya know :D

But hark..... I'm actually typing this from the kitchen.... and right now I keep hearing swooshing, and "rumaging around the fridge" kinda sounds. But when I look around, especially towards the fridge, I don't see anything.

I know I'm tired and I know this complex has a lot of ghosts.... but this is just wierd.


Chris Wood said...

It's probably something to do with the electrics or other fixtures. Sometimes power coming through can give the room a periodic judder. My sister's house is like that. I was staying there last week & it scared the hell out of me! Until I remembered that.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

It was Dimetrios??? He is fast and hard to capture on film ... except when bras are around.

sylvied said...

Here he is!!!!

Dr.John said...

I am so lost. I think i let go of a thread in this blog somewhere along the line.

MedStudentWife said...

Dr.John... you lost it because plans were made in e-mail exchanges between the bra-mistress & I.

Dimitrios was brought in to help look for Olga when Olga disappeared, chez Clair.

I was suppose to get Olga after Fracas, but because of mail tardiness between Clair and Fracas issues, we decided I would I'm get Olga in the Winter.

So Dimitrios, who was suppose to be a one time thing is now a bit of a sideshoot to Olga's blog travels .... the Mountie was Fidel's idea.

So this has become more of a soap... with sidelines coming into play.

Read back a few of my blogs and it might be a bit more clear :) is confusing