Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jared Diamond and Breakfast and Beer

I've just finished reading his book "The Third Chimpanzee" and found it a great rounded finale after reading two other of his books "Collapse" and "Guns, Germs and Steel", as well as Simon Winchester's "Krakatoa".

Four fine books from scientists (Winchester's background is that as a geologist, even though he has been a journalist/writer most of his adult life) that have a great talent for the written word.

Both are natural teachers, striving to dis-prove Arthur Wichmann's cynical statement "Nothing Learned, and Everything Forgotten".

Tonight I am treating myself; I am going to hear Jared Diamond speak. He's here in Paradise as part of the Celebridée events of our Flower Festival. It should be an educational evening ( in this really kwel tent).


Hopefully I'll have digested breakfast by then. The side of cretons I had this morning keeps coming back (up) to haunt me.
(but oooooo they were sooooo good on my toast)

I ate at Cora's today. I should have know better - I keep saying I'm not going back; the portions are way too big even though they food is good. The problem with the one that I go to is that it is always incredibly busy so the service really suffers. So not a really great eating experience.

Why did I go?

Just tired of the other options and to prove myself right about this place.
I can be a bit masochistic at times.

Post Note: Back from the event. I'm disappointed.

I didn't get anymore out of J.D's lecture than I got out of his books. In fact as he talked, I could see each chapters in "Collapse". I wonder if he was giving his "book tour speech".....

hmm - they were selling his books and there was a 20 minute intermission for autographs.

His conclusions I could hear echoing from "The 3rd Chimpanzee".

I don't think it's his fault... I think it's a case of the organizers of the event not really knowing what they wanted to bring to the table (its a new concept for the festival), and being able to draw a name like his.

Oh yes- the venue. It's really nice, but not for this type of forum. The chairs were achingly painful.

(poop -I missed Sir Salman Rushie at the beginning of the festival events, but with price of the tickets for S.S or J.D, I had to pick one over the other. )

oopps got a bit distracted surfing.... found a picture of my favorite pub when I lived in Kingston, the KBC.

*doing a Homer* * aaaaaaaa...Dragon Breath Real Ale (which is still my all time favorite beer beverage) and a bisson burger ( from the herds on Wolfe Island) - aaaaaaa*

Aint it pretty !!


Fidel said...

mmmmmm Dragons breath ale, and a bison burger....

If only we could get Dragons Breath on a bison double-double.....

noble pig said...

Wow, it sounds as if you had an interesting day. Too bad about the author.

Thanks for coming by my blog, I appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

I was at Cora's the other day for the first time and liked it..but then If there isn't enough food I chew on the table..which didn't happen there ..lots to eat...although I didn't see rubber chicken on the menu..:))))

MedStudentWife said...

fidel- a man after my own heart * wink*.. wait for LA.. we'll get you a real "double-double"

Nobel Pig - I just luv your blog; hope you drop by here every now & then.

Robert - no comment other than I can see a Cora's food fight.... blue berries and whipcream.
Outt'a curiosity - did your local Cora's have creton on the side-dish menu?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Robert is always chewing on tables .... :)

I would like a spot of dragon breath! I tried just not brushing my teeth , but it was just not quite the same.

Your hat photo is up!!

Anonymous said...

nope to the creton..but I didn't get past the cholestoral building stuff on the I might not have seen it..:))

Anonymous said...

oh, creton will give you nice, high cholesterol levels....

wendster said...

I'm glad you got to hear a favorite author, but so sorry the lecture didn't add to what you already knew of him. Perhaps that's the kind of deal the fair had to sign to get him to show. Had to give him permission to sell his books? Which led his choice of topic? If you enjoy that kind of thing, I have enjoyed Dr. John Demartini both times I heard him speak. Kept me entertained for three full days. He's dang brilliant. Comes from a phsyics/chiropractic/scientific/multiple fields of study background and deals with ("heals? helps?") tough psychiatry cases that the psychiatrists can't solve. Really enjoyable.
Enjoyed the photo of the pub.

MedStudentWife said...

Anon: says who ?

Wendster :going to have to check him out

Robert: hmmm.. yummy

Speedy:its really yummy -no matter if you brush or dont brush