Friday, May 16, 2008

Of Lobsters and Other Thoughts

Seems that I get a craving for lobster every year, about this time ( except last year when I was sick with C. Jejeuni.).

All it takes is a mouthful or two of lobster and I'm happy for the year.

I still haven't figured it out, maybe its that side of me that is a part of P.E.I., thus part of the "Atlantic lobster" luuuv-fest.. maybe the Atlantic maritime culture in my blood.

I bought some big shrimp last week- the 8 to 12 to the count type (on sale) - hoping to get a pseudo mouth feel of lobster tail. Disappointing!!


Yesterday I stumbled on a bunch of cooked, quick flash frozen canners . Not a lot of meat, but at the price of one (should'a bought two) is just perfect for the fix.

Cracked that sucker up today and made something I dream happy thoughts from days gone by ... I made a Lobster Roll.

Hope they have more at the store tomorrow.

Of other thoughts...

Reading my fav blogs, RHU posted this kwel "YouTube" about Costco - Fidel's uber favorite store.

You'll like this one sweetie !!


wendster said...

ohmygosh... medstudentswifehasbeenthisdangfunnyallalongandIneverknewabouthertilNOW?
(Your huge run on sentence in your last post had me wanting to write one too. LOL. Just read down through your donut war posts and girl, you are DA BOMB! Maleficent for a mediator was SO random! And squirrels with light sabres!!! Oh my gosh. You re just way out of my league ... so I'll be back. Being schooled by the pros ... cuz we LOVE random and masters of randomness. Which we have decided you are it only took us one visit to determine this. (not jumpin to conclusions or anything).
anyways ... really just stopped by in the first place to let you know that I linked to you in my blog today (hope that's cool) cuz you are a known associate of Speedcat's and therefore I decided you must be included in the next round of donut launches. So ... I launched. And you might want a hat. Or an umbrella. Or sumpin.

wendster said...

Aaaarrrgh! Parenthesis errors!!!


... in through the nose

.... out through the mouth

I'm OK again.

Please ignore the parenthesis errors. I can't. But hopefully YOU can.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

WOW#!!! The donuts of Hollydale have breeched all humanitys and Wendster is gone all crazy like .... INCOMING!!!!!!

..... mmmmmm, they are rather tasty though :-)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

... and please send some lobster

Drowsey Monkey said...

My family is from the Maritimes...but I'm not a lobster lover or sea food lover. Ooops!

MedStudentWife said...

Should I be thanking you, Wendster ? :0 :D

Just as I thought "world peas and hay for my horses".... the world is back into caloric mayhem....

Speedy - I don't know if I have any lobster launching apparatus... Fidel left with all his "gotchies".

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy now you have me craving lobster....:))))

wendster said...

Costco doesn't set out lobster rolls?

MedStudentWife said...

Costco - Unless in the Maritimes, and I don't know if they do.

Robert & Wendster...
Lobster is soooo yummy !!!!

Sorry Drowsey -
I'm not a really big fish fan ( big fan of fish), either, except that I really love eel, calamari, lobster, trout, salmon, tuna, shrimp, snails (if they count).
Did I say I really like eel *yum*