Saturday, March 22, 2008

Killing time while dinner cooks......

Crap !! Have you seen the price of lamb? I bought some today to make a really tasty ragout for Easter dinner. But *sheesh!!!* Its minimally twice the price of baby cow. What did they do ? Raise it on manna or something?


I guess I better hire some security to guard the meat in the fridge tonight.

While out getting everything we need for tomorrow's gormandizing experience(s), we came across a moving sale notice on the local grocery store's pegboard. Serendipitously, it listed items we have been looking for, AND the person selling them is in a unit in our building (wooohoo moving stuff).

So what we spent in buying baby mutton ( should have looked for baby goat), we saved in getting a decent imitation "barrister's" book shelf (a style I've wanted to get to house my antique books) and a 21" TV.

The TV isn't a HD or a flat screen, but you can imagine the treat for my aging eyeballs to have my 17 year old 15" replaced. Hard to believe what an extra 25 sq inches will do.

The shelf looks really nice !!! The books will be happy ( and me too !!!).

Dinner is cooking and I should jump off to make salad.

However I took a quiz posted at Drowsey's . Here is my result.

Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Personality

You are a very expressive and sensitive person.

Connections to people (and even animals) mean a lot to you.

You are adventurous, and you love to tell the stories of your adventures.

You're definitely a talker. You sometimes rather talk about things than do them.

You make friends easily. You are naturally charming.

You're the type most likely to pass out chocolate for Easter.


Freddy said...

Very cute:)

MedStudentWife said...

last joke was on the lamb :0