Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter and Disco - Nothing in Common. Just Two "Brain Farts" I Had

Savage Chickens

Well- one may ask why Santa doesn't do the same. Or does he?

It's Good Friday, here in Paradise. And I hate it!

I always did, even as a kid. Not being at all observant of the day, for me, it has always been just another day off from school, from work. Trouble is, it shares a similarity with two other days - Easter and Christmas, were everything and I mean everything is closed.

At least Easter and Christmas usually has the void filled with some sort of activity. But not today.

Maybe I'll just go back to bed and get up tomorrow. Nah - actually I am reading a great book, Krakatoa, and likely will spend the day reading it, which a treat for me these days.

Now for Disco ~

Remember the video I posted awhile back, the one of the '70's the disco dancing Finin? I thought that was the end of that - a historical reminder of what was bad about the disco era.

However, my sadistic brother, RN the RN sent me a link, today. HE'S BACK !!!!

Guess what. He actually has a name. Its Ake Blomqvist.

In this video he's looking exceptionally dapper, but just as mortifyingly goofy.

Heheeee... in a couple of move, he looks like a Finnish disco dancing Boris Karloff. And he has his daughter (I presume its his daughter) doing the jiggy. *sheesh !!!!!*

Enjoy !!

In case you didn't see the original, here it is.

Okay~ I am making fun . But you have to admit its is very funny.

However, I must give Ake credit. At least he can still move and is obviously still enjoying dancing. Many elderly are not so fortunate.


Freddy said...

It's hilarious...he better be careful though that's how hips get broken at his age!

MedStudentWife said...

heheee.. I wonder if that is why they put a taped "x" on the spot he's suppose to dance on..... keep him from becoming too "wild and crazy"