Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gotta Get Knitting

I talked to my Dad last night. He and his sweetie had a wonderful 5 week trip out to see my brother get married. Sounds like the wedding was lovely and everyone had a great time. He mentioned that he will send pictures, which I can't wait to see.

I did get some today, however not from him, yet. RN the RN and Missy Brightman are back from their honeymoon, as I got a quick e-mail with some pictures. Golly - it really looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

Now as my brother is so much younger than us siblings, and it really looks like us siblings aren't going to have children, I think the watch is on for him and his bride to produce heirs to the family name.

Oi - such pressure !!

But I do suspect, as Dad commented last night, I may be an Aunt soon.

Hmmm... I guess define soon. Probably sooner than my sister or I are going to have kids.

However, what I suspect of both personalities, its a pretty solid likelihood.

YEAH !!!!!! I get to be the eccentric Aunt !!!

So time to get the knitting needles out.

I love knitting baby things. They are cute, I get to use my imagination and I get to create really funky outfits/colour combinations (like the "Birk's Booties" - Birks blue with a white ribbon*). The projects are short enough that my already short attention span isn't compromised. I might actually get a set done by Christmas.

I mean, if Fidel was baby sized, I might already be finished his sweater.

Always the Girl Guide, I must be prepared. With everything else I am trying to do, I must find a pattern for the baby knitting project, that I will finish and when finished, will actually fit the baby.

So I found a pattern (see the picture below). What do you think ? It'll probably work for a girl.

* Birks was (I think there is at least one store left) a great Canadian tradition, like Eaton's was. They sold silver wear, a particular type of sterling silver jewelry, crystal and other lovely items. Anyways, they had a trademark blue box, that they wrapped gift items in, and tied it with a white ribbon.

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