Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Edmund Fitzgerald

Fidel and I were talking about Canukistan sea farthing things tonight... especially my life as a Coast Guard cook in the "Great White North"

And with his new found appreciation of St. Stan and Gordon Lightfoot (Gordon - a longer appreciation vice St. Stan - from an introduction last last week), I thought to look back at a very Canadian blog I did a year ago-ish.... about the Edmund Fitzgerald. It wasn't big, but it was my bit of remembrance.

The blog was totally centered around a great "YouTube" video. But as I am learning, "here today, gone tomorrow", with "the tube". However, "zoot alore", I found another just about the same.

So in remembrance & bringing back a video to celebrate and remember.. to all our sailors, especially those on the Lakes...

I still can't believe how big the lakes we have here in Canada/States. The Great Lakes are totally awesome in size and powers. They actually have their version of "greenie meanies", which given the EF... hmmmmmm

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