Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some People (oops Bras) are just....

Olga, "She-Bra from"...well I'll leave it at that, has tagged me with a meme. Something about "7 Things People Don't Know About ME"(little old me). This is all in retaliation from Hallowe'en... that loooong questionnaire, I tagged her with.

Gotta think....

So stay tuned !!!

I hope the suspense(ion) isn't taking the zing out of your underwire, Olga !!!

If anyone has any questions about me, that they would like answered, pass 'em on. Here's your chance.

Maybe I'll have answered a a zillion questions about me by the time I'm done ... keep some frilly black thing out of her cozy blue lingere bag, reading for hours...........

1 comment:

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

A zillion would be nice. FOR A START!!! Buh-wah-hahahahaha!!!

Yes, the suspense(ion) is KILLING me...but thankfully I have a very good support system in place.

Love ya!
~Olga ("She-Bra"....sheesh!)