Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not much new to say at the moment

Actually I have a lot of stories to tell, or ideas to convey. But you know what ? I am just plain"toasty".

I actually gave serious thoughts about stopping blogging forever, over the weekend. Then I thought "that's over kill, idiot" (with a Father Ted accent).

Then I thought about doing a blog saying that I wouldn't return until after my holidays. That I decided would be pure "drama queen" and then what would I do if I really felt like blogging something spectacular before I came back (like bragging during my holidays) ?

So here it is:

8 months without Fidel.

Work is very crazy at the moment because I have some real deadlines (the less than "7 workday" crunch, when I thought I still had 15) as well as self imposed deadlines (so I can go on holidays with some ease - "client service " stuff , project and program participation, conference planning, and just stuff.) and I have no door on my cube so the real world is interfering nicely. But I know that I'll be back, at the end of this madness, to a job facing all those issues I alluded to in a blog awhile back.

8 months without a holiday.

Its been another block exam time for Fidel and no matter how much I think they don't bother me.. they do - plain and simple.

My crazy pace of the past 4 years is finally catching up because I am finally sitting still (more still than the past 4 years *lol*).

You guys figure the math; I finally have- I'm flipping mentally tired.

So I'll continue to blog, just that the substance and frequency may not be that great until I do return in the Fall.

I'm still reading every one's blogs, but I've not got energy enough to respond as much as I would like. I do have spurts, but then I don't.

Maybe I should run away and join a circus *lol*. Actually, yesterday, I sent away for info on getting TEASL (TOFFL ??) certification.

And yes - I've read some brilliantly written blogs lately . Those authors can really write short pieces and I wish I could write like them. Kinda down about that, but I know that it is my problem in that I never really defined what I was going to write a blog about... so hence my ramblings. Maybe this is something to think about in the Fall when I get back.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

It's your blog and you can do what you want. It's for you. I've seen a number of bloggers come to this stage. Many are still blogging but needed a short break to redefine why they blog and what they blog. I think it's natural and hope you won't be missing too long. Me? Work stresses me but blogging de-stresses.

DeathSweep said...

A while back, not too long ago, as you know I was in a similar position as you meaning that I wasn't sure why I was blogging and made a hasty decision to just "end it all" due to lack of interest(the blog, not my life!!)...talk about drama. You certainly don't have that problem. Anyway, a certain reader, and she knows who she is, responded to "me", not to my post and helped me put things in perspective with her short reply. She asked about goals and expectations and made me realize that I was blogging for me and me alone. That's when deathsweep was born and she helped me to understand that I needed to blog for myself. She didn't tell me those words specifically, but in her short reply she woke me up. I still blog for me, and of course love it when someone else shows the interst to read my words and even replies from time to time, but without this fellow bloggers response that flipped the switch I might not be here today. Do whatever it is you need to do to regenerate, reorganize if need be, but above all please remember YOUR words to ME.


MedStudentWife said...

Thank you LGS and DW :)

It is impart trying to focus on what I want to say, or just being happy with the way I am saying things now.

But this is just part of it. I'm just really tired and need my holidays.

jmb said...

I don't know how all you working people manage to blog as well.

Yes, I too feel very small when I read some of those well written posts.

Take a break if you need it and come back refreshed. I'm sure your vacation and getting together with your love will make all the difference.
Take care MSW

MedStudentWife said...

Hi there JMB -

Thank you for your comment :)

yup - I think I'll be back to my feisty self come September :)

(and gloriously tanned if there are no hurricanes *knock wood*)