Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coffee in Afghanistan

Just thought I would share something about our favourite beverage (hmm... maybe beer is, so this is our second favourite beverage).

Tim Horton's Coffee in Afghanistan

Did you all know that Tim Horton was a famous Canadian hockey player in the '50-'60's, eh?


Fidel said...

I feel closer to them knowing I too have sipped (and supped, maybe) at the Tims at CFB Kingston.

jmb said...

Yes I did know he was a hockey player, because I'm older than you, and I wished I had bought the shares when the IPO came out.

MedStudentWife said...


I too wish I had bought shares - I seriously thought about it, but figured it was too much of a hassel to even try :0

Fidel -

I think you supped - didn't we have their Chili one lunch