Saturday, April 14, 2007

Boot to the Head

~ This is a rant ~

I am extremely tolerant about a lot. In my line of work, I have many occasions where I would REALLY like to "introduce" some reality checks into some people ....... This is a case where I would like to sooooooo.....................

I walked home (1st time with this newish job... 75 minutes) after a really good, uplifting, productive Friday the 13th. I was feeling really good: good day with lots done, talked to the DG, spring, the walk.

I made it home *pant*... When I finally made it to the hueblo, there was "phone mail". Picking it up, I was expecting news about the dishes I ordered, or a message from Fidel.

No --- it was an FP message , which I thought would be the boring "reminder of my appointment". I thought "nice", but its been on my calender for 6 months, I had blood work done for it, and even booked off time of for it (at least reminded work that I was going to be late).

Well, it ended up being a panic call; the receptionist had been trying to get hold of me all day, even tried my given work number, which they said kept ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing....................with no answer (I have switched jobs since I was last at FP, but knew they had the correct home number and I wasn't expecting a dire phone call) and, and and, ..... The final message was that it was IMPERATIVE that I get hold of the office ASAP !!


What was the fuss ? Was I dying ? Did the lab results of nearly a MONTH ago just come in and I have some horrible condition ?

NO !

As per the message, it seems that my appointment is booked for T hours. However the doc's normal hours of work are (news to me after 20 years ) T+30 minutes. They ( as in "They") wanted me to assure them that I was going to show up for the appointment and if I did show up, I would be on-time. All this so that doc wouldn't come into work 30 minutes early and sit waiting, doing nothing (I hear crickets in the background). And if the time of the current scheduled appointment is inconvenient for me (it was convenient 6 months ago - think I would have called before Friday if it wasn't), that they had several openings that day.

PS - I've never missed or been late for an appointment in the 20 + years with the FP.

So who goofed ? And why is the onus now on me to make sure said doc is not inconvenienced. Not I !!! But now it's my problem.

So what is the issue, or root cause (as they say in Safety) ?

Was a booking error made 6 MONTHS AGO ? Even tho' 4 months ago when I was called for a "call back" because of an abnormal test, I said I was coming in, anyways, in April. They said no problems with that (guess they didn't check the booking, which means as well that the follow-up required won't be on the chart and the doc will be surprised as to what they will have to do at the appointment, besides what I was originally slated for) .

Did hours of work change recently and no one bothered to proactively check and rectify the appointments booked ?

This was a stupid "oops I made a mistake that will cause the world to end" panic , 11th hour phone call *sheesh* !!

And so what if the doc is in 30 minutes early and I don't show ? I'm sure there is much that that can be done in that time. And I'll be billed for it anyways.

One thing highlighted with this incident (I don't want to think of more, 'cause it hurts my brain, and severely distresses me because of what I try to practice when dealing with people who are my clients.. shuck just anyone):

Sad to say, but medicine is now a real business and time is money. However, in a free market I get to choose who I pay, for what services I want AND not feel guilty about it. Hmmmm.... buyer's market - so I thought ! I've wanted to opt out of this FP for a long time, but unfortunately there are no other "openly advertised accepting new patients"signs around in the area and walk-ins are not an option in my case.

So I guess I have no choice to put up with crap like this because of the state of health care today and the resultant "gun to the head mentality".

I think a "boot to the head" all round is appropriate at this point !!!

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Steve said...

Methinks the recent daylight savings time advancement date has played havoc with the FP's scheduling staff whereas the prerequisit training to deal with such an issue was, in fact, sorely lacking. In a word: "fuckup".