Monday, July 21, 2008

US of A Cell Phone Service Poll

Fidel is looking for information as he gets ready to move back to the United States after three years of being away.

(I guess me holding him hostage here in Paradise for a few months didn't learn him nothin')

In particular, he is looking for information on cell phone service providers in the States.

So I've created the following poll, open uptil August 1st 2008.

Your voting should be based on your reasons why you went with a certain provider, including your consideration of the following first four items and even maybe the fifth:

(maybe you've never had reasons to call Paradise - I think he's thinking "out of country " long-distance rates or deals).

1. Cheapness (remember he's a med student and we aren't exactly wealthy. If we were, I'd be down with him right now.)
2. Good coverage
3. Decent web-browsing speed
4. Any deals for discounted rates
5. Good rates for calling to here, Paradise.

Besides voting, you can leave comments to I don't want any slagging-off of providers as I know a lot is happening these days, especially with bandwidth sales, iPod phones, etc.

He's just looking for info, so that he can make some informed consumer choices.

Now to see if I can put this poll onto my sidebar too.....

Just tried & its too wide and looks yucky, but I cant get in to change the HTML code to change the width :(

Maybe I'll just not post anything for the next 11 days, so this stays at the top of my blog and visible.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I voted .... but I will not tell for who or what.

RennyBA said...

Well, as a non US citizen, I did not vote - but since I'm at it: I don't understand why US did not follow the rest of the world when it comes to mobile phone standard. When our family comes to visit us in Norway, they can't use their phones :-(

MedStudentWife said...

Jee wizz Speedy.. I can't figure it our :S *lol*

Renny.. I can't figure it out at all,either and I think Canukistan is in the same boat as the US.

I upgraded my phone just over a year ago and found out to my inconvenience, trying to fly to see Fidel during a hurricane last August that I couldn't call through. Had to use Dad as the land-line go to, as I was stranded in Toronto & Charlotte...

I found out last week that my carrier automatically locks out international call capability on regular plan "for our protection" and we have to specifically ask to have the service activated(for free).

Go figure. I must try it out before I leave... I still don't trust them.

Maybe that is what your in-laws need to do when they visit you, or like Fidel has had to do while in the Carribean , buy a different SIM card, i.e. from your country while chez toi, for their phones. While in the Carribean - he's never had a problem using his cell, here.

Dr.John said...

I never use cell phones but the blog I ran on the AT&T adds got a lot of negative comments about AT&T.