Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy Again

.. or maybe this is my "music" blog week (or two)

I have things to write, but these past few days, all I've been doing at work is writing. So I am word smithing tuckered out.

I'm listening to CKCU (click for live streaming) by favorite radio station since I was 15 (my submission to their LaffFest, in those days, made it on air AND even the University paper and the local big name newspaper waaaaay back when). Listening to their "Roots and Rythms" program tonight, I thought *boing* "look for a Bo Diddly You Tube because he is another favorite musician of mine and I wanna share".

But then and again... I love the song "Vampire Beavers" and "Fish Heads" (which I posted on sometime back)

What one ?...hmmmm.. how about a quick showcase of his guitar ability as only Bo Diddly can...

(check out the hair and the deliciously nerdy glasses AND the woman on guitar!!!!)

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