Wednesday, February 27, 2008


A bit chatty tonight, because I'm not hurting so much.

For those of you who read my blog a bit ago, RSI means "repetitive stress injury", which also has a zillion of other names.

Essentially, I am hurting in my back and neck and various arm bits because of several issues, but mostly those I am attributing to computer use at home and work.

So I have been taking a break in the past couple of weeks, in the evenings, trying to limit time in my chair and at the computer.

Funny thing is that at work, 20% of what I do is ergonomic risk factor reductions (or reactive ergonomics - depending on the day). So go figure - once again its a case of "physician heal thyself".

When I was working health care I didn't have such problems as I have now. Its been since I've gone from a majority time of standing to majority of time sitting that I am experiencing my problems.

What is even funnier, is the break I am getting this week.... sitting in class 8 hrs a day all week in a crappy chair which is forcing me to move and stand more frequently(and I can)... because....

I am taking a Certified Ergonomic Specialist Course.

I'm for hire as a consultant after this...... really !!!

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Agnes Mildew said...

You can come and be my consultant any day if you can fix my back and neck. If there is ever a day when I can move my blasted neck properly, I will walk around with a permanent smile on my face. It's pants, isn't it?!