Sunday, January 6, 2008

Weather - aint it crazy

In reading many books that I have given Fidel to help him understand Canukistanian way of life, one thing I have noted, as a repeated subject, is that of our love to talk about weather. Heck, I've done it on this blog many times ( but who is counting). So why stop now.

So here ( again) are my couple of thoughts *lol*of the latest on our weather.

For a change, I'm not watching Carribean weather for storms or sea conditions that would affect Fidels's life or make my travel to see him, hell. I never cared about the weather once I was there or had to come home, as we were together to"weather"it all out (ouch !!).

The west coast, from way north to way south is suffering terrible rain/snow/wind storms. Not good, and it got me thinking of the ice storms all over again.

10 years ago was the horrible ice storm that we suffered thru'; one which will likely last in most of our psyches for a long time. I was lucky in that storm- the grid that supplied both my home & work stayed on. But whole streests and neighbourhoods just adjacent, were dark for days. That lesson was lost on me - survival - in the big electrical outage of 2003. Again I was just lucky about things.

I'm better prepared now, (I hope & fingers crossed), but not as well as I know I should be.

Lately ( last week to now) we've suffered most of the week with -20 C (windchill a lot chillier) temperatures. This weekend saw warming with expected highs to be +13 C by mid week.

Wonder why we never can get our act together.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

What a timely post! Our electricity JUST WENT BACK ON after being out for 3 days...& I admit, we weren't as prepared as we coulda/shoulda & learn! Hopefully!
It took me 2.5 seconds to fire up the 'puter after the lights came back on by the way....

Elle said...

Oh man... weather can be a brutal bitch!!! I was there in North Dakota in 2006 during that huge flood... wasn't pretty let me tell you!!!