Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And we are having a bit of fun with this...

Dreaming "what if".

Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you what what this is all about.

I have my resume on inventory at a couple of well known internet job sites.

Its nice to be in a space where I don't have to find a new job, but yet, I am always looking for something that will challenge me more, give me a tweak in my experienced rating, and of course, more money. Hence my resume on inventory.

(*knock wood!!*)

Me thinks it is also my perverse side , wanting to taunt, but also to see who will bite.

(Scratch that - I'm doing market research.)

From experience of the past 5 or so years,

(*sheesh* its been that long ???!!!)

I find that when I update my resume (not necessarily adding new information, but just refreshing it), I get a small rash of calls from "head hunters ".

Its been a while since my last update, so I was surprised to come home to a phone message from such a firm in Edmontoonie (as we used to call it when my family lived there) asking me to call them.

Short and the fast is, I did and am quite surprised at what they (or their client) is looking for and how I seem to match it, so far.

However, I have asked for a lot more particulars before I can go back and state an interest (or lack thereof).

Its all very intriguing, largely because of the industry. So we're having fun doing the "what if" of the scenario (not that we have much to go on other than our own internet research).

So what's the job ? Honestly, all I know right now ( which was enough to let me search more info about the company besides that which I have asked for) is:
  • Safety
  • Radiation
  • Training
  • Mining
  • Location
  • 7 days in and 7 days out
  • They have benefits

Lets see if they send me the info......


Post Note: The "Celebration of Life" that they had for Jarrod had 200 or so attendees. From what my Aunt told me, and from what I read in the e-memorial book, he really touched the lives of many people.

I'm really happy that all these people shared this with my cousins and Aunt - it has meant a lot to them.


Anonymous said...

having been in Edmonton in the winter..personally I wouldn't being jumping to fast....:)))))))))

MedStudentWife said...

I know :(

I had course mates this week that are from Cold Lake.. and it was a COOOLLLDDDDD Lake, from what they were telling me from family e-mails and the news... brrrrrr.

1st step in this job process is get an actual WD...

For all I know, it might actually be chief bottle washer who has 20 microwave ovens in the kitchen, and I've been there !!!(except the microwave ovens -but I can tell ya stories about the deep fryer).

How'd ya fare with the flash freeze today ?