Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Yesterday was our Thanksgiving. From what I understand, its not as "big" a holiday as in the States.

But yet, it still means great food and great company. This year Fidel and I spent our first Thanksgiving together (you are going to be so tired of me talking about him....)

We had our dinner Sunday night, rather than last night.We figured it would be easier over all.

Funny how two different people will cook a turkey two different ways~ we were able to compromise
by combining both methods and the turkey turned out the best I have ever had .

Yummmeeeeeeeee.. tasty and moist !!! Goodbye ButterBall !!

Fidel brined the bird for about 24 hours before we cooked it. The recipe for a brined bird doesn't call for bread stuffing done in the bird's cavity. Well I just had to have my stuffing done that way, so we stuffed the bird.

He usually cooks his meat using a meat thermometer to gauge doneness. Myself, I've always timed the cooking of my turkeys via the Funny Farmer Cookbook calculations. We did both simultaneously and proved to our uber geeky selves that both methods are equal in accuracy.

Lemme see what we had for dinner.....

Whipped mashed potatoes a la Medstudentwife
Ginger glazes carrots a la Fidel
Finnish turnip casserole
Medstudentwife homemade rhubarb pie (I used lard this time for the pastry - back to shortening next time) with French vanilla ice cream.

Plenty of food was left over for last night's repeats, sandwiches today and we think at least dinner tomorrow night. No turkey soup although - I can't stand the smell of simmering poultry carcases.

This all may sound quite consumerish. It is. However on the flip side, it was so nice to have Fidel home to share this time, and that we were able to have the food we ate. For this and so much more I am thankful. Many out there were and are so much more unfortunate.


deathsweep said...

Well Happy Thanksgiving to you both! Our holiday here in the States on Monday the 8th was Columbus Day...not observed by many but it used to be a big to-do as a child. You're right, we all have so much to be thankful for even without the comparison that we should really declare everyday thanksgiving!


jmb said...

I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving together. That made it all the more special.

MSW, can I ask you a question since I see you have often changed your avatar or picture in your profile.
Mine disappeared. No doubt because it was not my image to start with and the image has been taken down I guess. So I replaced my profile photo with a real photo of my dog. Now the question I have is, supposing that all the comments change to the new avatar do the old ones change as well.
Well I am asuming I'll see my new one here but the old ones are still showing the little square rectangle.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

jmb said...

Yeah, there is "my" new face.

MedStudentWife said...

JMB - I hope you folks had a lovely holiday as well :)

Your question is a good one. I went back and checked a comment I posted to DS's old blog several months ago & the old avatar still shows. However, I don't know how the image is saved in the blogs. The avatar I was posting was one I had saved in my own files and then somehow linked it to Blogger. I did the same with the new avatar. So neither was/is directly linked to an outside source.

So my guess is that if you were linking your pict directly from an outside source, and its gone, your old avatar probably won't show anywhere now.

Your dog is soooo cute :D I just want to cuddle him/her to pieces

jmb said...

Thanks for checking MSW. I put the old photo into my avatar in my first days of blogging and in those days I did link to my images I think. But early on I did learn to save the image to the hard drive and have done so since. Oh well, I think most people know who jmb by now, so I'll just be jmb with the square box in my old comments. Even on my own blog! It may mean my stats will crash because everyone came looking for westie images!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Too bad you didn't try deep frying that turkey! (Sorry - I couldn't resist!)

MedStudentWife said...

*lol* Olga :D