Friday, July 24, 2009

Fang, The Wonder Dog

Well, it's been nearly 2 weeks and I can't imagine, now, what we did before Fang.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we took home this lovely young lady from the Paradise Humane Society - a Siberian Husky.

Its been a real learning curve for me, what with never really ever having pets other than goldfish, a lizard and a couple of rabbbits during my miss guided youth.

But a dog !!! ???

Its a decsion I had been pondering for many years and talked at length with Fidel, who has had a lifetime of dog experience, especially with Huskies and Shepperds, and decided that the time was right.

And now that he is home for an extended period of time, it was the right thing to do, for us and definitely Fang.

She's a beauty - very quiet but also very active. She very smart and I have to give her credit, doesn't try to play us for fools very often.

It's been a real treat to see her open up from the dog we brought home to where she is today (+5 lbs and counting, which she needs badly).

And me... I've changed too, I think, in these short 2 weeks.

I love the rain and walking in it, but not at 4 am and with it gushing out of the skies. But I was up and I knew she needed to get out.. so off we went for a very quick early morning constitutional and imprompu bath. She would have walked for a good hour, but I wimped out *lol* .

(actually...the 1st every morning is always a quick in and out as we both wake up ... but this morning it was quicker and very much wetter).

She's had her brekkie and is now having a nap.... and I actually feel like I've already done something important today.


MYM said...

She's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Awe she is so cute blessings and best of luck with the new doggie.

Dorothy from grammology

Unknown said...

Drowsey & Dorothy... thank you so very much. She is becoming more of a beauty everyday - in as much a 2 year old can be *lol*

I'm hoping to start blogging again soon - maybe posts some pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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Amorris said...

what park are they in.It looks like they are haveing a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

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