Friday, June 5, 2009


(Memories of Olive by Alberto Vargas)

I think it is beautifulpiece... I love Vargas' work
I was making a pizza tonight, for dinner. Fidel came in to snitch some munchies as I was slicing and dicing. Doing his usual perusal of the activity, he picked up the jar of olives.

"I know you don't like olives, but I do so I am putting some on"

"On your pieces"

"No - on all pieces.You're lucky I'm not putting anchovies on... I'm having anchovy withdrawl."

(no- I'm not pregnant)

Funny this distaste of olives in NA. I've come across it many times before, including me. I don't know if it is olives in general or the olives most of us are accustomed to - those salt brined manzilla types, stuffed with pimento, which most of my NA born and bred generation first came to know as "olives".

Up until I was about 6, I hated olives. One night, staying at a hotel, Dad had a drink with an olive in it. Conversation ensued, involving a few " ewwws" on my part I am sure, but I remember him saying:

" I never liked eating them. But the way I learned to like them was to eat a bunch all in a row."

I was game and I did. And I have been hooked ever since - on all olives. But my love is the pickled manzillas with pimento stuffing from that fond memory.

(*lol*That hotel was just being constructed - not quite finished, then. My next stay was 35 years later on business)

I love them so much that 20+ years ago, I was hanging at my best friend's house; her folks had a party the night before - so we were rummaging the fridge for eats (being a couple of bored growing 15/16 year olds).

A jar of olives...

"May I have a couple?"

You can eat them all if you want, because none of us are going to eat them."


The jar disappeared.

They were good !!

Maybe I should tell you about my raw oyster adventure ...

... someday.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Beautiful picture. Real sexy. Olives....huh, what? er.......but it is a beautiful picture. Real sexy.
Oh, er. yes., ya, they are good too. Um, did I say that picture is real "stunned-squirrel" sexy?

MSW said...

LGS.. I dont speak much, but at least when I do, the squirrels listen :o

It is nice isnt it?

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