Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Dogs Please

I wish I had a camera in my hand given what I saw a couple of days ago....

But to lead up to the verbal picture, I must give some background.

A zillion years ago I moved into an apartment. Not that pets were allowed, but the lease implied certain restrictions including cats and dogs and birds ( noise factor ??).

Then *poof* a couple of years later, dogs (don't know about cats) were the " de jour", and allowed (or not enought "man-power" to enforce the lease).

How did I miss that band wagon ?

This same phenomenon has happened to me twice more as I have moved over the years, the latest being here.

When I moved in here, not that pets were banned, but again the lease implied that we couldn't have any (other that snakes, snails, muted birds, fish). Either people have pushed the boundary, the landlords are not enforcing, or I just read the lease wrong, but we now, just of late, have a building full of lovely dogs.

And now grounds with a new set of signs ~

"No Dogs"
So my visual picture...

A couple,with a grey kittten on a cat harness/lease thingy, playing on the grass by one of these "no dog" signs.

Wondering why I haven't posted lately? (like anyone reads this blog)

Just to dang busy. Work has been brutal, so much that when I get home I am poopeded.

And the summer volunteering work is ramping up.

It's all good, but priorities are shifting.

Today is actually a nice break. I'm up normal time, but don't have to be at work until "later" as I am flying out West to to have a meeting to solve an issue....fly in today and out Thursday. I think it will go well as I sense I have the commitment and buy-in from 3 very distinct entities (jurisdictionally) on this one.

I've learned to use travel time (days) as a fluid work/me resource, so thus I blog today in a lazy crazy sense.

Man, I have to loose some pounds - inside voice speaking


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Hey! I read this blog!

MedStudentWife said...

Hey there LGS - so someone is still out there :)

I'm not around much.. work, school, life - sheesh :0

Steve said...

Hey! Me too, me too, I read this blog!

MedStudentWife said...


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