Monday, April 27, 2009

SURPRISE !!! Its Sunday

"WAAAAAAAAAA... They sold me like they promised... WAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!
And ... ewwww... I'm all dirty and sweaty......"

Actually - we ( Fidel, Olga et moi) did some volunteer gardening with Jesse. Rather than trying to explain it all, check him out here at Vegetable Patch.

Olga thinks Jesse and what he's promoting is pretty kwel.

Am I sore today !!!
Fidel isn't up yet, but I bet he's going to be one hurting puppie.

But we got most of the beds done at this particular garden.

(Thanks to Olga for all her help!)

Below has to be the most g-d aweful picture of me, ever taken..... I really need Olga's BM to help me with a makeover !

Talk about heavy duty fish fertilizer !!!!


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

First of all....loose the knee pads babe! LOL! :)

Second of all...normally I don't LIKE getting my straps all dirty....but this was toadily worth it! Now, please pass the Woolite? :)


medstudentwife said...

*giggle*... they doooo contrast the pasty white skin, dont they !!!

Glad you had fun, sweet pea !!! Jesse appreciated the help

oi... my buns of steel feel like they've rusted shut

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Knee pads are bras for knees ..... just sayin' - tee hee

medstudentwife said...

DP... kwel.. I'll have to rememeber that... I think mine are a AA then

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