Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Looking for Ideas....

For an over-suit for a bear that has become Angel's bestest friend.

Trouble is.... its not well made and has become a member of the "zipper club" and other body suture clubs, with no sight in end.

Any ideas on how to preserve "Bearie" ?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still trying to get back writing

Lots of thoughts swirling and in thinking, still not a lot worth posting.

(more it is refocusing)

So again in this interlude , I again give you Angel, who is going from a puppy to an older dog

( thank goodness *sigh*)

and really helping in all things... like dinner delivery aka *food.. I'm there* and just being "her"and "us" *big grin* .

(but as an aside - being bonked by a wet nose at 4:30 am to go out - not good !!)


She gets her 1st bath here at home, tomorrow - which we keep refereing to as her as her "bubble bath", AND... her 2 toys - Foxy and Monkey will also get a dip (*peeewuuu*) with her as well.

I asked Fidel if there would be candles and incense and soft music... imagine the rolling of eyes. I mentioned the same at work today and also got same eyes..

*gawd*.. it was only a suggestion folks.. no mention of a 4 paw pedicure, with nail polish ????

We know she likes water and swimming, but yet to see if she has emotional scars about being washed. She has developed a funny issue about her feet & we are seeing leading traits about some of our behaviors that may indicate past "not nice stuff"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

WOW - 5 months !!!!

Wow.. its been a lot of months !!! But a lot has been happening since May and I am still mentally trying to deal with it.

As well FB has really eaten a lot of my time.. havent even read blogs per se.... life had/has shifted.. I need to start writing again. I have a friend at work from NFLD... he thinks I'm a hoot - good at a kitchen party... me thinks I could almost do stand up comedy.. something to think about as I go through this reevaluation of me ( mid-life & a start towards menopause - irrespective of what the doc said last year)

But I am slowly pulling out of the clouds as I let my anger rise - which is not productive,nor good, but better than trying to repress it as I thought I should do.

I'll fill ya in at some point .. see side bars, which have to be totally revamped.

Interesting.. tho' in my hiatus and going back to those bloggers that were such regulars in the world I was communicating with.. we've all (most part), lost the momentum after the 2 or so year mark.

Anyways.. the picture above is of a good morning early October with 2 good friends and a chance to jazz with out "ears" - i.e gossip :D

Stay tuned.. I'M BAAACK.. maybe

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fang, The Wonder Dog

Well, it's been nearly 2 weeks and I can't imagine, now, what we did before Fang.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we took home this lovely young lady from the Paradise Humane Society - a Siberian Husky.

Its been a real learning curve for me, what with never really ever having pets other than goldfish, a lizard and a couple of rabbbits during my miss guided youth.

But a dog !!! ???

Its a decsion I had been pondering for many years and talked at length with Fidel, who has had a lifetime of dog experience, especially with Huskies and Shepperds, and decided that the time was right.

And now that he is home for an extended period of time, it was the right thing to do, for us and definitely Fang.

She's a beauty - very quiet but also very active. She very smart and I have to give her credit, doesn't try to play us for fools very often.

It's been a real treat to see her open up from the dog we brought home to where she is today (+5 lbs and counting, which she needs badly).

And me... I've changed too, I think, in these short 2 weeks.

I love the rain and walking in it, but not at 4 am and with it gushing out of the skies. But I was up and I knew she needed to get out.. so off we went for a very quick early morning constitutional and imprompu bath. She would have walked for a good hour, but I wimped out *lol* .

(actually...the 1st every morning is always a quick in and out as we both wake up ... but this morning it was quicker and very much wetter).

She's had her brekkie and is now having a nap.... and I actually feel like I've already done something important today.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holy Crappy Doo Doo

I'm still here... yes FB has yanked my chain these past 3 weeks. But, also, a lot has happened here since I last posted ... those antidiluvian days - trying to make sense of my space & how to blog about it.

6 weeks ago, I was in tears and a wreck. Now I'm good and learning how to make really tasty lemonade from lemons.

Anyhow.. I'm here... thinking about this horse and how do I get back on and how do I ride it.

Isnt that a great montage that I have above. Parts of would be kwel as a tatoo.. must think

Friday, June 5, 2009


(Memories of Olive by Alberto Vargas)

I think it is beautifulpiece... I love Vargas' work
I was making a pizza tonight, for dinner. Fidel came in to snitch some munchies as I was slicing and dicing. Doing his usual perusal of the activity, he picked up the jar of olives.

"I know you don't like olives, but I do so I am putting some on"

"On your pieces"

"No - on all pieces.You're lucky I'm not putting anchovies on... I'm having anchovy withdrawl."

(no- I'm not pregnant)

Funny this distaste of olives in NA. I've come across it many times before, including me. I don't know if it is olives in general or the olives most of us are accustomed to - those salt brined manzilla types, stuffed with pimento, which most of my NA born and bred generation first came to know as "olives".

Up until I was about 6, I hated olives. One night, staying at a hotel, Dad had a drink with an olive in it. Conversation ensued, involving a few " ewwws" on my part I am sure, but I remember him saying:

" I never liked eating them. But the way I learned to like them was to eat a bunch all in a row."

I was game and I did. And I have been hooked ever since - on all olives. But my love is the pickled manzillas with pimento stuffing from that fond memory.

(*lol*That hotel was just being constructed - not quite finished, then. My next stay was 35 years later on business)

I love them so much that 20+ years ago, I was hanging at my best friend's house; her folks had a party the night before - so we were rummaging the fridge for eats (being a couple of bored growing 15/16 year olds).

A jar of olives...

"May I have a couple?"

You can eat them all if you want, because none of us are going to eat them."


The jar disappeared.

They were good !!

Maybe I should tell you about my raw oyster adventure ...

... someday.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay - I have a really kwel picture of downtown Edmonton and a tale to tell from last week's trip.

(this pict is an aerial view of the West Edmonton Mall)

But !!!

I discovered Facebook Monday, 2 days ago..... :0 before a chance to write and now I am totally engrossed and consumed.

(give me another few days and it'll wears off ~ maybe)


Its addictive, especially as I am reconnecting with old friends.

I have friend ?

Stay tuned buoys and gulls.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Dogs Please

I wish I had a camera in my hand given what I saw a couple of days ago....

But to lead up to the verbal picture, I must give some background.

A zillion years ago I moved into an apartment. Not that pets were allowed, but the lease implied certain restrictions including cats and dogs and birds ( noise factor ??).

Then *poof* a couple of years later, dogs (don't know about cats) were the " de jour", and allowed (or not enought "man-power" to enforce the lease).

How did I miss that band wagon ?

This same phenomenon has happened to me twice more as I have moved over the years, the latest being here.

When I moved in here, not that pets were banned, but again the lease implied that we couldn't have any (other that snakes, snails, muted birds, fish). Either people have pushed the boundary, the landlords are not enforcing, or I just read the lease wrong, but we now, just of late, have a building full of lovely dogs.

And now grounds with a new set of signs ~

"No Dogs"
So my visual picture...

A couple,with a grey kittten on a cat harness/lease thingy, playing on the grass by one of these "no dog" signs.

Wondering why I haven't posted lately? (like anyone reads this blog)

Just to dang busy. Work has been brutal, so much that when I get home I am poopeded.

And the summer volunteering work is ramping up.

It's all good, but priorities are shifting.

Today is actually a nice break. I'm up normal time, but don't have to be at work until "later" as I am flying out West to to have a meeting to solve an in today and out Thursday. I think it will go well as I sense I have the commitment and buy-in from 3 very distinct entities (jurisdictionally) on this one.

I've learned to use travel time (days) as a fluid work/me resource, so thus I blog today in a lazy crazy sense.

Man, I have to loose some pounds - inside voice speaking

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell Olga ...

We'll miss ya... I can't begin to say how much we've enjoyed your company.

(Now I have to do all the dang housework again)

Your off to places unknown and adventures deep. Drop us a line will ya'- pleezzeee


We'd like to introduce and thank the support staff Olga had during her stay in Paradise:

Security Coordinators: Mountie Stan, Fang the Wonder Dog, and Dimitrios the Greek Detective

Stunt Double: Miss Bali

Bra Model: Annie

Best Boy and Main Man: Fidel

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer: Medstudentwife

But she's not going home yet ...

US Embassy in Paradise

... Or is she ????

Monday, April 27, 2009

SURPRISE !!! Its Sunday

"WAAAAAAAAAA... They sold me like they promised... WAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!
And ... ewwww... I'm all dirty and sweaty......"

Actually - we ( Fidel, Olga et moi) did some volunteer gardening with Jesse. Rather than trying to explain it all, check him out here at Vegetable Patch.

Olga thinks Jesse and what he's promoting is pretty kwel.

Am I sore today !!!
Fidel isn't up yet, but I bet he's going to be one hurting puppie.

But we got most of the beds done at this particular garden.

(Thanks to Olga for all her help!)

Below has to be the most g-d aweful picture of me, ever taken..... I really need Olga's BM to help me with a makeover !

Talk about heavy duty fish fertilizer !!!!