Monday, April 6, 2009

What Do You Do About A Bra Named Olga ?


Some of Olga's past chaperons have asked how we have managed to get this bra to behave (almost) and do the unthinkable like house work (which is way easier than construction !!!).

T'was easy and I think I made comment or two about it.

To elaborate...

Fidel decided that he wasn't going to put up with any bra shenanigans.

The thought process was:

1. Wife gone all day


2. Hubs studying for med exam

= no time to for hubs during the day to entertain a slacker wild bra thing.

So he figured he might as well give her something constructive (vice destructive) to do that ISN'T CONSTRUCTION.

He did "sweeten the pot" with some "reverse bribes"...

He "suggested" that if we weren't to her liking that we could send her for the rest of her stay, here in Paradise, to " SPA Hotel Sisters of Charity".

Guests work in a "co-op", develop a great sweat and healthy appetite; where chores are shared by all.

Lots of windows to wash and a roof/parapit that cries " shine me!!!"

Excellent aerobic exercise.

* Click on the picture of the plaque and you'll bring up the site of a fantastic organization,which was started with Mere Bruyere... I should know; I worked there for 17 years.

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