Friday, March 13, 2009

Its Friday Night ....

And the weekend is here ...

Yup, another Friday the 13th - enough said as the day isn't over...

And the local university kids have already started their St. Patrick's day parties - the pubs were full tonight, even at 5 pm.

I said to Fidel that one thing can be said about us Fins & St. Urho's day (16 March) versus those hardcore celebrants of St. Patrick's day.

"We Fins are constitutionally strong - we have 2 days in a row that we drink in celebration (16 & 17 March), the Irish only have the one"

(or something like that if you know the rap Fins have, you'll understand... killing and carrying off all those pesky grasshoppers is hard and thirsty work... yeah... right.. that's the ticket)

The computer has been sick. It was spiraling the drain a couple of days ago. However, with Fidel's awesome IT abilities and Olga the IT bra as a beautiful and capable assistant, I have a reprieve for awhile.

*knock wood*

But I better start thinking about getting a new one; I really don't want to let this one go, yet. Its 6 years old and doing pretty good.

How did Fidel phrase it ??? "Six in human years, 250 in IT years."

I think she's got a lot more in her yet. But if you don't hear from me, i.e a blog or e-mail, you'll know why.

More importantly - Olga...

What are we going to do with her this weekend. If the carcar isn't sick
(its dripping something), we will try to take her around to see some local landmarks. But she does seems to be comfy-cosy and just as happy taking a breather and relaxing around the place, especially given the weather.

Its been very cold and windy these last 2 days. I think the hint of spring we had was a tease, as is so often the case here. Good incentive to get those fur bra liners made, the ones I've been promising her ... Olga that is.

The issues I am dealing with on this project are both the design and the actual construction. I have great ideas, but I've never seen anything similar done in real life - to give me a conceptual guideline ...

... Until I came across this post.

  • Fur lined bra *check*
  • Cold winter weather *check*
  • Right bra colour *check*
  • Difficult execution *check*
  • Right bra size *check*

Here is my model for the design - I think it will suit Olga well !!!!

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