Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Day in Winterlude

What ? Huh ?

Not quite another day, yet, for this year anyways as today was the start of Paradise's big annual winter event AND my 1st ever time volunteering at it.

Opening ceremonies tonight ... more people than I thought would be there, attending.

Something about standing in one spot for 2 hours on a marble floor... an old, very old marble floor at the Chateau Laurier and doing an hour or so, up and down stairs, before hand.

Anyhow - Gads of fun tonight !!! - But, OY !!! My aching vertebrae !!!

I am out of shape !!!

(aaarrrggggg!!! and I do a 4 hour shift tomorrow and next weekend and maybe the next)

Tonight, for some strange reason I thought that I should post another set of photos of Dimitrio's "The Greek Detective" trip with us this summer.

Remember that he was supposedly taking the trip, this summer, with us to make sure that wherever he went he would risk assess areas and find those he deemed safe for Olga to travel to.....

(must be the winter-lude that is making me crazy)

In this installment, I used a video camera (in a very loose sense) and video'd Dimi as he commented on the newest environments he was scouting ... out of the Carribean and somewhere in the deserts (or is it desserts) of the USA.

Funny how he sounds like my brother...
(although no brothers were captured and transported across provincial or state lines)


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I miss Winterlude.

Anonymous said...

cool time for you ;)

Brittany said...

I miss Winterlude.