Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Long, Farewell......

Hello everybody.....

Thank you for all your very lovely comments about me. You make me feel very good and very excited about my adventure.

Its all happening so fast !!! ~ Bear today, hare tomorrow.
(its a bear joke that Violet told me. I won't tell you the one she told me about the frog)

From your comments, I think that there may be more bears from MSW's friends to join me, soon ?
(*wink* BB, maybe SB and possibly GT)

MSW also thanks you beary much.... she's blushing with all the nice things you said.

MSW has learnded a lot about mailing bears and bras and Greek detectives.
(?????? I just don't uderstand)

So MSW made sure my mailing box was comfy with lots of tissue paper, enough room, but not so much that I get smashed around by mail delivery people.
( guess they like to throw boxes)
And she made sure the box had lots of wholes.

She also made me a scarf to keep me warm and an arm tag in case I got lost.

Violet and her friends gave me the best ever thing - bear cookies. They are thin and crunchy and sweet with almonds and cranberries. MSW said they are called "Cranberry Almond Thins". Just what a bear loves and needs to eat to travel.

Anyways, me and MSW thunk we wood share some last pictures.. the "good-bye" kinda ones.
(shhh.. she's sad I'm going)

Me with my scarf and tag. I really like the scarf !! Its warm and a pretty colour.

Me with Violet and her friends and a big box of bear cookies. YUM !!!!!
(We ate them all except the ones coming to travel with me.. Buffalow-y was such a pig !!!)

Here is me in my box, getting ready to go. Fidel is going to mail me soon.

So, my friends... if you are ever in the neighbourhood of wherever I am going, come and visit. I'm sure we will have many lovely beary tales to tell, and maybe we can have a picnic.

I love you all and give you a beary big bear hug !!!!!!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

wait wait !!!!!!!!!!

.... I just got here

Is beari coming to Hollydale??

Drowsey Monkey said...

Off on such a good and exciting adventure :)

You really need to allow your blog on a feed .. I keep missing stuff! LOL

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Sob! Sob! I hate goodbyes! So I'll just say, "Later".

Dr.John said...

Just like Melli's Ella.

Busy Bear said...

Good luck Lil' Bear!!! I know you are gonna do GREAT THINGS!


MedStudentWife said...

Thank you everyone -

With all you blessings, this bear will be multiply blessing some young one :D

Sorry Speedy - no beari, coming chez toi, this time