Friday, September 19, 2008

Dimitrios in Paradise: Episode 1 - What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I'm finally back blogging. I've been sick (and so has Fidel) with some desert scourge since I've been home; hardly felt much interest in doing anything.

However, today I am feeling more like my old self, weather outside is gorgeous and its "ITLPD"...


What a perfect day to start telling the tale of Dimi's visit in Paradise.

Oh yes, before I forget, Dimi announced last night that he is going to leave tomorrow evening, to go back to Olga and her Bra-Mistress - he feel's he's taken way too much of my time.

"So Dimi, do you think that Olga would like visiting here ?
That all will be up to her high standards ?"

"No comment 'til I am back home and talk to Olga. Den you will find out."

A girl has to ask.

Episode 1:

Aug 23 2008 started way too early.

The alarm rang at 2:30 am. I needed time to shower, pack the last few things, including the "boys", and have a bite to eat and make it to the airport for the obligatory "2 hours before boarding".

Rolling over and yawning, I notice a note pinned to the curtains on the window beside the bed...



Dear MedStudentWife:

When you get this, I will be gone. I am surprised you were not up earlier, with all the noise. Perhaps you were, but were to scared to see what was going on in the living room.

However, all is good. S/Sgt Stan and Fang had to leave as they received a phone call, in the very early hours, recalling them back to their Mountie headquarters. Therefore it will be just I accompanying you on your travels.

I meant to tell you that I am going on ahead, as I have arranged better transportation to the Isles. In fact I will likely be there before you even board your first plan; scoping out the beautiful babes your ability to be a good hostess to Olga, when she arrives in Paradise.




The Greek Detective

P.S. Please do not forget my luggage, as it contains my toothbrush and I will use no other than that one !!!

That's when I heard loud rumbling and hissing sounds coming from the livingroom; the whole apartment itself was shaking.

I ran towards the sound and made it just in time to witness this...

"Dimi in a D-Fusion Rocket Ship !!
Holy Boivine Animules !!!!!" I said.

"You little bugger.... just for this, maybe I'll forget your blasted toothbrush."

I hoped he had a chart and that he knew how to get there. Oh, well, I had no time to fret. I had to make tracks - I had a plane to catch !!

The flights were pretty uneventful... the usual lonnnggggg airport crap, customs, crappy seating and the other usual hassles. I did have fun, however, doing my usual people gawking, talking to my "plane neighbours" and I even got to ride one of the Dulles "moonbase pods".

As a note: I didn't make it into the main Dulless terminal, but the two concourses I was forced to travel through were pretty dreary and un-awe inspiring.

The flight from Washington to Charlotte was delayed by 20 minutes, meaning I had to walk very very fast to make it to my next flight. I made it just as they were boarding. This was a shame on two counts... I wanted to spend some time walking the airport, as it really is a nice airport and I did want to have a bite to eat. Most importantly, however, is that I wanted my "last" pee before I boarded. But none of this happened.

I finally made it to SXM (YIPEE!!! 12.5 hrs after first getting up). All in all, the flights were relatively trouble free compared to the last few trips I've made over the years to be with Fidel (like last years trip from hell !!. Am I still pissed off ? Nawwwww.).

I was carting two suitcases, plus carry-on, with me (I usually make a point of only bringing one; the second in this case held the items Fidel wanted me to bring from home for his stay in Normal IL). They, me, and 6ft 4 inch Fidel barely fit in the Daihastsu (the only type of car one seems to be able to rent on the Dutch side - at least this year it wasn't purple) along with the obligatory bottles of water and Fidel's gear (most of his belongings on Statia), which he picked up from Winair freight, while waiting for me.

- Crow-bar please -

We didn't have to get much more food on the way to our digs, as he and Dimi (yes he made it) had pretty well looked after that beforehand.

We arrived at the room to be greeted by Dimi...

"I'm hungry !!!"

"But, Dimi... I just got here. I need time to unpack, get my bearings...."

"BUT I'M HUNGRY!!! I tell you - I have not eaten since this morning. I must get a new spaceship ... the one I have is too small to pack a lunch."

"Give me an hour."
Well an hour turned into two and a bit, but finally...

"Dinner is served, y'all. Salad handrollicaly made by me, and a fantastic pizza from our favourite French pizzaria on the other side of the marina, Mama's. Its their Desmond Royal - replete with pepperoni, bacon, European style ham and ground beef (its our favourite pizza from Mama's. It's soooo good that we also picked up one, for dinner, our last night on Island). Dimi - would you like to do the honours of cutting the first slice for our first meal here ?"

"Sweetheart - I don't think we should let Dimi play with that knife. He's looking a bit wobbly."

"Fidel is right *hic*. Dis rum is good stuff *hic*, but stronger dan what I is used to drinking in Greece."

OBTW.. don't forget to visit Speedy's latest billboard advertising adventures. Click on the picture to see Speedy in all his advertising glory.


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

And here I thought I was hot stuff flying a PLANE from Saskatchewan to Ontario...geez...Dimi gets a SPACESHIP?!?!?

Well, thank goodness he made it in one piece! Looking forward to Episode 2!

(And yes...Speedy is EVERYWHERE these days!)

Agnes Mildew said...

You are surreal! You should write for Encyclopaedia Dramatica! You absolutely blow my brain away!!!

MedStudentWife said...

Hmmm.. I guess this means that I should write Episode 2?

Speedcat Hollydale said...

stealing a chunk a pizza and taking off in my time machine ... craft, thinggeee

Dr.John said...

Well, for sure, this is not your ordinary blog.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Agnes is right ... surreal! :)

MedStudentWife said...

Speedy - so THAT'S where the piece of pizza went.... I swore there was a piece leftover for my midnight snack.... and rummaged around and around looking for it.. kept Fidel up all night !!!

Drowsey & Dr. John: Blame Speedy !!! I've caught Hollycat disease.

Wait for the next couple of episodes.. they are coming soon.. and video too...just have to piece some stuff together & take the time to put them on.

YIKES !!!!