Monday, July 7, 2008

A Whirrly Wind of A Day

I love these types of days at work... a lot gets done ( aka SUPER multitasking), things fall into place, relationships forged where once silo's reigned, problems addressed, plans designed for a year's worth of happenings.....

ALL positive !!!

But by 3:46 pm the brain just wasn't working on ??? Gwad knows what... it wasn't lunch cause I don't think I'd quite had it yet, unless that nuked something at 3pm was it.

Then the boss sent an e-mail requesting ( its PRR time, and even she's late collecting the info)
us to send her some FY 07/08 form I think I'd seen mentioned once in a zillion e-mails reminding us about PRRs ( and I won't go on about the finance e-mails - thank gawd business planning hasn't hit yet) these past 3 months.

Do you think I could find the reference, the e-mail or even figure out what the hell I was suppose to look at ?? Maybe another day and another time, but today...

My brain was fried.... Its just been one of those days.

So I sent the question to our fearless Business Management Team leader (BMT); he'll know.

He popped by 5 minutes later... and his response was the same as mine... his brain was too fried today to give me an answer. He also had to figure out what the heck the boss was talking about. I think I was talking gibberish to him at this point. I know I was looking for simple words and even they weren't coming out of my mouth.

Tomorrow we'll figure it out.

AHHHHH... tomorrow.. in early to set-up for a course I am hosting. I'm bringing chocolate chip cookies for all of the 13 attendees ( because I can). And that there is story to the number and not the cookies. All I can say is I hope Stan is enjoying his time on the lake at his cottage and he owes me BIG TIME !!

I didn't think today was Fryday... I thought it was Monday....


Speedcat Hollydale said...

If you have time, can you comment on Julie's blog? She did a review for the new batman movie and it did not get much attention ... yet :-) The link is on my latest post.

CU later, Speedy

MedStudentWife said...

Done :D

You know you can e-mail me instead :P