Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Few Minutes of Canada Day Fireworks

I'm just getting down to off loading stuff off my camera.

I was able to watch the fireworks from Parliament Hill, from our living room window (waaaayyyyy up high).

So I thought I'd experiment and ended up shooting the whole 30 minutes of it with my camera. Unfortunately the way the memory seems to work, I had to do it in chunks.

So here are what I think are the best 2 chunks.

Sorry for the quality, but hey. In August the international firework competitions come to the Lac Lemay Casino. I'll be able to sit on the couch and watch those too. Maybe by then I'll have a better piece of equipment to video the entertainment with.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ah, I miss Canada Day at Parliament Hill. Is Lac LeMay Casino in Hull? There wasn't any fireworks competition when I was there. I used to live on Daly near King Edward.

MedStudentWife said...

Its in Hull.... its fairly new. Maybe 5 years if that - built on the old quarry site by the highway into Hull ( after the bridge and across from where I work).

Because of the side of the building I live on and the height.. I got lucky in some respects.

Here is a link with a nice picture.

I've not been in the casion yet, tho I've worked across the street for almost 2 years. But I've been in the Hilton once, for our groups breakfast. The reception area is stunning !!!!

Dr.John said...

Great firework pictures. I just love fireworks.

MedStudentWife said...

Me too Dr. John !!!