Monday, June 2, 2008

Stranger's Say the Darndest Things

I was waiting for the bus, on my way home, this evening. A really beautiful late afternoon.

Just standing there, watching everything and enjoying the weather.. all to myself.

A gentleman stopped by the bus shelter - looked like he had been running or walking a distance - a bit sweaty and red in the face. He stopped and was rubbing his side, like he had a stitch. I thought "oh please, don't collapse".

But no, he stopped and looked around, and then turned to me and said,

"Look up there, in the sky, its a rabbit."

You can imagine what quickly went through my mind....

But I looked up and sure enough, there was a huge cloud in the unmistakable shape of a rabbit.

I grinned broadly and said something unintelligent like "wow".

He then continued,walking by me and saying "I look for signs everywhere" or was its "everyday."

None the less, my heart was a bit more light after that.

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