Monday, June 30, 2008

Olga has been found !!!

See here and here and here for the unfolding of the story.

Well a little lesson for ya'all.

People ask for help in searching and/or rescuing lost people, items and bras.

The societal thought has always been that the tab will be picked up by the local or other government, agencies, etc. After all, we are owed it, aren't we ? We can get lost or need rescue and mea culpa... we have organizations to save our butt (or bra, in Olga's case). Call "help" and the cavalry will come in and save the day

For legitimate events, this still holds largely true.

But more and more, for events that are the result of stupidity (okay, blatant lack of thought or planning) or failure to look in ALL the rooms of your house, government and SAR organizations (BRASAR being no different) are looking (or seriously thinking to start ) to recoup, from the responsible party(s), the cost of their resources expenditures for these events.

In many cases, the SAR techs (or BRASAR techs) are called in and before they can get a handle on the situation, it has resolved itself. But SAR resources still have been expended.

In the case of looking for Olga:

Fang, the BRASAR Tech and her handler were called in, as well as Fidel (appointed as Incident Commander (IC)) because of his vast SAR knowledge, experience and contacts in the UK). And... the UK side... not going to go there ... sheeesh !!!

( from past post.. this is what is involved in setting up the very beginning of a search, for Olga, based in NA to comb the UK . Early minutes...)

"OK, we'll open a SAR Case, appoint an incident commander (Cups IC), set up the Incident Command Post, deploy hasty teams (no problem getting volunteers), a mission staff, I'll alert the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, the US State Department, and in England, the RNLI, the MoD, Mountain Rescue England-Wales/Scotland, the Association of Lowland SAR, the Cave Rescue Council.


From BRASAR central:

Fang is going to be the primary SAR Bra for this event.....

She's pointy for a reason... direction detection..."

This then is the final tab for this BRASAR participation in looking for Olga:

DP - get the cheque book out , because I think you are going to get an invoice....
  • $950,000 for the US participation
  • Sterling 1,154,222 for the British part

And yes, some things are still truly volunteer. The Incident Commander is donating his services, no charge.

Moral of the story... put your glasses on when looking for a missing bra.


Daddy Papersurfer Automatic Commenting Service said...

This is the Daddy Papersurfer automatic commenting service.
He is unavailable at the present time but if you would like to submit your claim/s in triplicate to the Omblogsman nothing much will happen ........ ever.
Daddy Papersurfer would like to reassure you ....... but is unable to at the present time.

Present time!!!!! I'd like a yacht please ....... or so he told me ........ *crash* [Sorry the connection is down]

MedStudentWife said...

dang automated commenting services !!!!!

I get the yacht first !!!

Dr.John said...

Our legal service can probably get the US part cut in half. They will deal. Contact the law firm of Grabum and Shakeum.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Another moral to the story is: Take the box off your head when looking for a missing bra!

THANKS for you incredible support during my "crisis" MSW! And Fidel!!! I am just glad everything had a happy ending. And really, Gertrude is a SWEETHEART! :)

MedStudentWife said...

The pleasure is ours Olga !!

Glad you are safe and "sound" ... hmmmm... unlike some other bloggers we won't name.

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