Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Juokse sinä humma

In more things Finnish....

..... trying to find on "You Tube" something from my collective memory... trying to find the Finnish music I heard as a kid ... much of which still haunts me (don't have the records & all of the tapes I have now, taped from the records, are stretched) ... and as an adult I am trying to put all this remembering into context....

I found the video, below, on YouTube (and a lot more Finn stuff !!! :))

I didn't grow up in a Finnish household, per se, so my exposure to my Finnish culture was largely when I visited the grand folks and what I did to self-learn.

I've held on to what I could over the years, and so does my brother who barely knew his grandparents (not his grandmother & barely his grandfather)... a tenuous cultural ID that we relate to, together (dang.. I must get back to language lessons, but I don't do well learning other languages.. brain is too scrambled).

My grandfather had some Finnish albums, which at the last couple of times I visited him before his death ( grandmother died when I was 3; I was 15 I think, at his death), I listened to over & over & over & over... and did I say over, trying to grasp that wisp of them & that part of me that would lose contact with their world, at his death.

The music, as I am learning, is from the 30's to 60's . In searching my memories, I am just loving the discovery of music in Finland in general.

The song below, just blew me away when I first heard it in those early teenage years *lol*- romantic that I was !!

I don't know now if it was the voice, the rhythm, or the fact (seeing I didn't know and still don't know the language well) that I got the chorus sort of memorized pdq.... or that starry youthful heart... gwad, I'm not even going there because that was likely the reason.. damn hormones....

But I juuust loved this song !! Today .... even ... a zillion years later.

I'm so thrilled to find this video !!!

It's kinda hokey. Pretend its cold and windy and snowy. Pretend the cotton balls are snow and pretend you don't see that the cotton will actually disturb the background.

(oh shit.. he even looks a bit like Charleton Heston... the mouth)

Dad did a translation once and I can't find it. If someone can translate -kwel. I'm also looking for all the Finnish lyrics to the song.... would love them as well, please.

Oh yeah.. I love Olavi Virta, too :)


Sigrid said...

hi, I just happened to come across your blog. Here are the lyrics for Juokse sinä humma:

Juokse sinä humma kun tuo taivas on niin tumma
ja taival on pitkänlainen
eihän se tyttö minun kyytihini tullut
kun olen poika hurjanlainen
hummani hei hummani hei
huputiti hummani hei

Juokse sinä humma kun tuo taivas on niin tumma
ja kahden tässä hiljaa mennään
humma on pojalla ainoa aarre
ja sellaista ei ole kellään
hummani hei...

Juokse sinä humma kun tuo taivas on niin tumma
ja varjot ne tietäni peittää
maantieltä hiljaa mun lauluni kuuluu
ja liinukka harjaa heittää
hummani hei...

Juokse sinä humma kun tuo taivas on niin tumma
ja tiuku on aisan alla
voi kuinka pieninä palasina onkaan
mun leipäni maailmalla
hummani hei...

Juokse sinä humma kun tuo taivas on niin tumma
ja metsässä huokaa tuuli
maantien mutkassa pieni on tölli
ja siellä on kirsikkahuuli
hummani hei hummani hei
seisahda hummani hei

This is the Tapio Rautavaara version, it's my favourite.


MedStudentWife said...

Kiitos,Sigrid. I very much appreciate it :D

Now I can practice singing the song.

My brother found me a You Tube version with English subtitles. I wanted to post it, but its one of those ones where the person who posted the video is not enabling embedding :(

Sigrid said...

you're very welcome:)

tuukah said...

When I was 6 years old Mother was nursing Hannu Leminen's and Helena Kara's newborn on Valkjarvi.Tapio Rautavaara came to visit them and one evening a campfire was lit on the shore and Rautavaara played Aeroplane with me --held one arm and one leg and swilrled me around.He also played some instrument and sang something which unfortunately I have forgotten.I am now 71 and have never forgotten the man.