Monday, June 23, 2008

Hiker stranded in the Alps uses sports bra to attract attention of rescuers

A great story about a very brave bra.

There has to be some sort of reward out there for brave bra services to human kind... such as after this perilous situation that this bra put herself into.

After all, she unwaveringly committed herself to save her bra mistress and managed to climb to a very high, dangerous point, to wave and "call" for help with no certainty that help would come. She could easily have been left to flutter until all that was left was her under-wire and her shell, bleached white by the elements.

Perhaps a new SAR school for bras should be started, in her name, which unfortunately has been withheld from the media.

So her spirit then... this "Alpen Maiden-Form" from which all hope springs eternal...


The premiere SAR school for bras who have "the right stuff"*

Not to to be confused with brassiere

or brasserie

Sorry about yesterday's post. It worked for a bit and was actually pretty kwel. I was quite impressed about my ability to talk to my morning activities using this fun format.

However, the software platform I used was a beta version, which decided to poop out at some point between then and now......

Just found out - turns out it was pulled because of "infringement on property rights". Bologna I say !!! They've made enough.. it was fun for its little space in this world.

* just a concept.. run with it all my bra friendly friends ...


Dr.John said...

Courage in any form should be rewarded.
Make it a member of the Order of the Bra with the requisite medal.

MedStudentWife said...

I like your thinking Dr. John... hmmm... me thinks Olga should design it !!!

Fidel said...

"Bark. Bark Bark."

"Whats that, girl? A C-cup?"

"Bark Bark Bark Bark"

"A D-Cup? Lets run and get the ranger!"

MedStudentWife said...


Go to bed, Fidel !!!

Say good night, Fidel

"Good night, Fidel"

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I should give her my Golden Underwire of BRAvery Award! That's a very BRAve BRA!!! :)