Friday, May 30, 2008

SpeedCat Hollydale is Running for President of that Bit South of Us

What a campaign!!!

He has buttons

A campaign trail update...... (great picts !! This one looks like the rural Hollydale I've been told about. )

A great "When I'm in office" promise

Just look at his potential by State...

I tell ya.... I'd almost fall for it, except...

What I want to know, is.....


So Speedy... are you actually expecting us Canukistan bloggers to post your political clap-trap propaganda ? Maybe even vote for ya'a and then find out, mmmmwwwwhhaaaaaaa ?

Not me... not until I know your HIDDEN AGENDA for Canukistan !!!

We're getting ready!!!

Oh, shoot.. there's that Walter getting into the picture again. He ruins everything !!!

(obtw..Robert..can you poke him and ask him these questions, pleeeze ?? But then again...maybe not. )


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Well, after the donut wars, there were a few questions, and most of them directed at Hollydale Headquarters. We look at the exchange as more of a food & breakfast plan. Tim Horton himself was quoted as saying, "Business has never been better". This proves the administrations concern for the well being and healthy economy of our Northern friends.
With Robert as a special ambassodor, Canadians everywhere will be considered "best pals".... aye. Don't forget my pledge of chicken wing vouchers for each and every Canadian visitor stateside!!

Go Maple Leafs!!!!!!

(smiling grin & hearty handshake)

Senator Speedycat Hollydale

MedStudentWife said...
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MedStudentWife said...

but !!! .. what about the Poutine Accord ?

MedStudentWife said...

Currency .. how do you expect the Canadian Tyre economy to tie with your's, if you are elected

wendster said...

And don't forget the Canukistan question.

C'mon! He's gonna let us ALL STAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE whenever we want ! !! Such a party we'd have.

and you can invite everyone from Canukistan.

And Pakistan.

And Razzakstan.

And Stan. Be sure to invite Stan.

MedStudentWife said...

hmmm... what about Walter ?