Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Brain Works Like the Internet

Or maybe its as disjointed ... seeking random bits of information rather than one coherent stream....*blather* *blather*

(see DP - I can use DP ish phraseology ...hee heee)

... tangents and random points versus straight true and steady lines.

Okay, my head also rambles.

I was reading my favorite blogs (there are a lot) tonight and I came across this poem in "Keep Bloggering On" .

Check her out. She is one amazing woman and I am learning much from her posts on her life. She doesn't write often, but then and again it's because she's one very busy woman.

Anyhow...The poem made me think of my Fidel * sigh* and while reading it, I became very smitten with the depth and sentiment contained within it. It's beautiful.

( for you mi corozon)

"The life that I have is all that I have And the life that I have is yours. The love that I have of the life that I have Is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have A rest I shall have, Yet death will be but a pause, For the peace of my years in the long green grass Will be yours and yours and yours." - Leo Marks

Thinking "hmmm, like his style but don't recognize his name in my poet database, but yet the name sort of rings a bell....." So, me being "Mrs Snoopy ME " searched the internet and found this.

Check it out... it gives this poem so many layers that it will bring goosebumps to your skin, and make your brain do somersaults. It did mine.

Note: In this post, at NO TIME did I shamelessly promote two old codgers' blogs ( DP & Head Rambles).


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I wish you had done some promotional work. You have been doing so badly in my classes lately that an 'apple for teacher' could have helped you gain the grades you are soooooo desperate for.......... tsk.

[I had to make a show for the other students - guaranteed straight 'A's' - *blogsnog*]

Eastcoastdweller said...

I was just informed by a tech geek the other day that those of us born before 1980 are "digital immigrants." We think and we organize our computer materials in the paradigm of the filing cabinets and folders that we grew up with.

Whereas the younger folk, "digital natives," think like the Internet and organize themselves and their work accordingly, having known nothing else.

MedStudentWife said...

ECD - Many thoughts & I think he is right, unfortunately

Thank you for stopping and commenting. This world is indeed a fast moving and crazy place (or at least the spots we have awareness of).. you think you get on top of it ....