Thursday, March 13, 2008

Phyllis Diller' s Housekeeping Hints

As an aside - as a kid & even now, I have vowed that when I get a bit older, I am going to look like Phyllis Diller (not the well coiffed lady, but the comedic personae).

Hmmm.. Fang.... Fidel.. not much difference......

I must find this book. I bet its a howl !!! And how I can hear her voice.

I bet if you substitute "husbands" for the "kids" in this title, you'd get the same results - "shoveling the walk before it stops snowing".

Oh yes - here is a picture of my two favorite ladies. Guess which one I also intend to emulate when I get a bit older.... someday.

Anyhow, I digress. I just wanted to share a housekeeping trick I just this minute learned from Fidel. His Aunt gave him this.

(bless them as their house of 40 years has been threatened( 1 month now) with demolition from a house precariously perched and soil sliding down the hill out back of their place)

I stained an important plastic cooking utensil the other week with cranberry juice, as I was boiling cranberries to make a whipped dessert. I was totally surprised as I didn't think the plastic porous enough. I'd tried to de-stain it gently (no abrasives) and nothing worked. No probs as the stain was no big deal other than it looked yucky. However, I figured that it was going to be permanent.

Behold -Tonight, the spoon was clean ! Fidel had cleaned it using a cleaning recipe his Aunt gave him for cleaning kitchen plastics - utensils, containers, etc.

  • Use hot water - just boiling or a teeny bit below that temperature - it has to be very hot.
  • Add a bit of dishwasher soap (not dishwashing soap).
  • Soak the item in it.
It works !!

Here is another tip from me...

If you can get Savlon or Savlondil ( antiseptic cleaners. Do not use any other type; it has to be this), they work as fantastic jewelry cleaners; especially gold and hard stones like diamonds, etc. It will make them sparkle.

Unfortunately it doesn't work on silver at all.

So if you have 1st aid kits with this item expired in them, take them home ( if you can) and clean your jewelery.

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