Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tarot Cards

Poking around reading my various blogging buddies and delving into their links, I came across this Barbie Taro deck.

And now an announcement from our producer ~

Drowsey - don't you ever sleep !!! Excellent link !!!
Congrats and way kwel Olga - (see above excellent link)
Gawd folks.. read the Tims Quest 'Venture- gotta love Haligonians .. bet the boys are still trying to cope with massive Tim's DTs today.

Michelle Erica Green has but together the most awsome Tarot deck. I would suggest you go to the page and read what she has to say, as well as visit the cards. They are quirky, smart, and, and, and... ah...just go look.

My love of Tarot cards stems from my first deck at 13. I don't remember why, but I asked Santa for a deck. Thank goodness for a father who understood

(oops I mean Santa)

and for many reasons, I got one.

Over the years, I have practiced, but not in any organized or committed way. I "read" when I am asked and thats about it. I have done a bit of "learned/educational" reading about the theory behind Tarot card readings, but I don't really care. I just like the results that I get and those I read for seem happy. Its fun and speaks to that "other" side of my brain (the unknown place which Fidel fondly refers to as the "DSM-iv" place)

Over the years, I've bought different decks, hoping to find the "one" that would really sing to me. One deck that I have, I can still "smell" the shop that I bought it in. The shop sold a brand of incense that I find just heavenly smelling and still buy today when I can find it; the whole shop was permeated with it. This was 22 years ago and I swear I can still smell it on the cards.

I've used (tried) all the decks that I have bought, at least once.What I am surprised the most about is that the deck I like the best and use the most now, is one that I initially thought too difficult to interpret.

However, I also realized early on that I was buying decks because of their asthetic sense for me - I just think them as beautiful works of art, even tho' they are massed produced. I might not read with them, but I would love to display them.

A couple of decks, like this sample of the New Orleans Voodoo Taro deck and Toltec Oracle deck, are ones I would like to ( if I had a house or spare walls even) to mount the whole 73 cards of the Taro deck, or even just the 52 cards of the minor arcana, in a giant museum mounted picture framed display.


Anonymous said...

now your into something I have never thought much about..but it has tweaked my interest..I shall delve into this a little farther..:)

MedStudentWife said...

Barbie or Tarot ???

Anonymous said...

Tarot..I was thinking of looking for a Playboy set....:)))

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Isn't that Drowsey AWESOME! What a pal ~ I've been getting lots of attention from Canada thanks to her sweet self! :)

LOVE your bookshelf! Way Kwel!

I dabbled in Tarot cards back in my A-cup days...never quite got the hang of it though!

MedStudentWife said...

Robert: Phew !!! I was a bit worried for a moment.

Olga: Glad you like the shelves, made ' em myself. Don't the books make pretty bookends ? Wait til I get em all on the shelf.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Actually I don't sleep...think your hubby could give me something? ;) Love the tarrot cards...kewl. I bought an actual deck one time..along with a instruction book on how to use them. I hate instructions. The crds are still around somewhere tho.

I'm adding that disco dancing video to my blog...I just can't let that go!

MedStudentWife said...

Drowsey -

Did you check out how he shakes his booty ? tooo funny