Friday, February 1, 2008

"Ohhhh the Weather Outside is Frightful....."

Like many of you today, Paradise is being hammered by a major snow storm. I don't know how many centimetres we've had, but its been a lot. Very windy too! However, the temperature is such that what snow there is on the road is amking it very slippery for driving.

(Not that I would know as I don't drive.)

The boss let us out early this afternoon because of it all, so Fidel and I were able to head out for our weekly dinner at the local pub a little earlier than usual . It wasn't a hard discision to go - I mean like this weather is going to stop us from good food and a couple of pints?

Like hello - all it takes to venture out, is to get dressed in adult versions of snowsuits. Then you are perfectly protected from the wind, snow and cold. Fidel is still a bit reluctant, or still not too sure about my sage advice "its a good thing", but in weather like this, wind pants and parka are de rigeur.

Heading out, I noted that the sidewalks had been plowed since I had come home. I thought "how nice, considering it took the city a couple of days after our first big snow storm - when they still had snow removal money in their budget."

Coming home they were doing the sidewalks again. How strange.... until it hit me that tonight is the start of our two week long "Winterlude" when Paradise is invaded my tourists trying to get that "winter experience". The street we were walking up (or down) happens to be one of the main arteries into downtown (or uptown).

Nice - they'll plow for the tourists, but not for their own kith and kin !! Gotta love big cities.

Anyhow, dinner was great and I do love this weather when I'm properly dressed for it.

Oh yeah, here is a picture of a crazy American tourist trying to get that "Winterlude" feeling. I snapped it as we were leaving the pub.

Hey, show a tourist a camera and they'll wave for ya.

(Thats an ice sculpture - they are all over the city. This one says "Winterlude/Bal de Neige". I watched them deliver the ice a couple of days ago. There are also many snow sculptures around as well. Some really impressive snow/ice work out there. Many be, if I think of it, I'll try to get some shots and post them.)


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

I just hope you've got your fur cup lines on!

MedStudentWife said...

Just thinking.. you probably wish you were here with your very own lined cups !!!


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I loved Winterlude. Skating on the canal is so romantic. Okay, falling down while trying to skate is not so romantic but then there's hot chocolate and beavertails! Yummy!

MedStudentWife said...

LGS: My goodness - I haven't skated, much less on the Canal for a zillion years. However, I still do indulge in hot chocolate, but only look forlornly at the Beavertail stand when I walk by it (they have a permanent one in the Market, now)